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16 - November 4, 2011 | Hudson - Litchfield News

National Guard Goes Door to Door in Litchfield

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Thank You to every employee of Enterprise Bank who made this award possible Litchfield children ran to the street to meet and greet Sgt. McKay of the 237th National Guard MP’s

by Doug Robinson The National Guard Soldiers from the 237th MP Division, stationed in Plymouth went door to door, visiting shut-ins, the elderly, and those residents who were known to be in need of the social services provided by the town.

“I am limited with the number of people I have to the resources I have,” commented Litchfield Fire Chief Tom Schofield, “and having the National Guard help in this coordinated effort to get the word out to our residents is very helpful.” The “direct contact” and “personal visits” assisted the Litchfield Fire Department communicate with the 2,500 residents who were still without power, and many still without water after suffering through the fifth day of the power outage. According to PSNH, of the 3,200 subscribers, 75 percent, or 2,500 subscribers were without power on day five. “Whether they are walking their dog, picking up their mail, our residents are coming home from work now, and we need to engage with as many as possible,” continued Chief Schofield, as he gave the operational guidelines to the soldiers. “We know there are a lot of residents who do not have internet, television, or any means to receive communications as to how we can help.” Six National Guard Humvees, hosting a crew

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Litchfield Fire Chief Schofield addresses the National Guard Soldiers with their

marching orders as they prepare to drive their Humvees through the streets of Litchfield, going door to door, assisting residents in the Town of Litchfield

Te first Humvee pulls away from the Litchfield Fire Station to assist Litchfield residents

of two soldiers, separated into six different town sectors. Color coded Litchfield maps were given to each team so that they could be most effective when communicating with the town residents. As they drove the roads, which intersected Litchfield 14 square miles of territory, their orders were to: • Survey all town roads and identify and document hazards including power lines, dangerous trees, residents in need of assistance and identify area without power

• Notify residents of available comfort stations and emergency resources

• Distribute public notices • Provide for emergency personal and public safety • Provide general safety and security • Coordinate all actions and needs through Command

George L. Duncan Founder and Chairman

Jack Clancy Chief Executive Officer

Richard W. Main President

In addition, National Guard Soldier was also instructed to look for signs where a resident may have not taken their medications, not eaten, become injured, up to and including falling. Chief Schofield stated that should they visit a home and find the person in need, he would dispatch fire personnel to help the resident.

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Residents were offered safety tips to carbon monoxide safety as well as safe generator operational practices. Residents were also informed of the Warming Center that had been established at the Campbell High School. Those in need were offered the opportunity of a shower, a warm cooked meal; refill of their water bottles, electricity to recharge their computers,

Litchfield Fire Captain Nicoll provided a driving team with their color coded map of Litchfield

and d other electronic devices. On the first night of the warming center, 72 people visited and took advantage of the center. On the second night, over 140 people visited the warming center.

Chief Schofield also commented that once power is restored, homeowners should replace the batteries in all smoke detectors as the backup battery will have expired its use.

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