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■ Pens: These are the most common item, so while they may not stand out, they are practical and very likely to be kept and used.

■ Notepads: Very inexpensive to produce and can feature a significant amount of information on their covers. You could have them made with a watermark of your logo on each sheet for extra branding. The drawback is a limited lifespan.

■ USB Memory Sticks: These are small and can come very much in handy if you work in a business setting or are in school. There are also many options for type, size, etc. so you can be flexible with how they are branded.

■ Household: ■ Refrigerator Magnets/Magnetic Notepads:

Everyone knows what to do with these when they receive them. Magnets make for an easy reference when a potential client needs to make a call fast and they can be easily customized to your design specifications. Notepads can get a lot of use for grocery lists and notes to the family.

■ Calendars: Something people will keep handy and refer to often. There is ample space for branding and you can even customize with what pest issue to be on the lookout for each month. Obviously this is definitely limited to a one-year shelf life, though you could make the calendar an annual program for your business.

■ Travel Mugs/Key Chains/Flashlights: These are some of the “you never know when you’ll need it” items that people are likely to keep around the house for a long time and have great space for branding.

■ Personal/Woman-Focused: ■ Tins of Mints: These are another item that people

are unlikely to throw away, as they can always come in handy. Women especially are likely to carry these in a purse. There are potentially two sides of the tin that can be branded or imprinted with messaging. The drawback is that the tin will likely be thrown away when the mints are gone.

■ ChapStick/Lip Balm: This is a more unique item with fun design opportunities and something people would keep handy year round. The negative is that these have the same shelf life issue as mints.

■ Compact Mirror: A mirror always comes in handy and if it is good quality, women are likely to hold onto if for a long time. If these are branded in a simple, classy way, this could be something that is a purse staple for years.

■ Fun/Kid-Focused: ■ Yo-Yos: These are something kids and adults

enjoy playing with and could hang around in a playroom or on a desk.

■ Rubik’s Cube: You can have fun with the branding and design on these, just make sure they don’t have to solve it perfectly in order to see your information

■ Plush Toys/Beach Balls/Bouncy Balls: These all appeal to your client indirectly by providing items their children will want to keep around that the parents are likely to interact with as well when cleaning up and putting them away.

■ Desk Toys: ■ Magnetic Sculptures: Kids aren’t the only ones

who enjoy toys and games pull-apart magnets are great to play with while deep in thought or on a call, so many adults keep them handy on their desk. These often have a base that can be branded along with the magnetic pieces.

■ Stress Balls: Everyone deals with stress, especially at work, so if someone received a stress ball, they’re likely to hold onto it and use it.

■ Brainteasers/Puzzles: Little puzzles with sliding pieces that can’t get lost provide a great branding surface and don’t take up too much space on a desk, so they are easy to keep around.

These are some suggestions based on popularity

and practicality, but be sure to think outside the box. This is an area where you can really use your creativity to determine the best fit your company and your customers. The possibilities are endless and sites like and have thousands of options.

Tips for Creating/Distributing

Promotional Items ■ Be aware that, while your services are necessary, people don’t always want a visual reminder of pests and may be turned off by real images or depictions


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