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by Colm Quinn

life and how it feels to be 30 years on the airwaves.

he says buttering a scone and sipping on coffee. “It doesn’t feel that long, I’m surprised.” Timmy is

Waterford through and through and is very proud to have grown up in Dungarvan. He’s living in Waterford now but is up and down to his home town all the time to see his sister and even bumps into a few of his old school friends from time to time. In 1981 a

little pirate radio station was set up in Dungarvan of which he has fond memories. “It was a huge novelty for the town at the time. People would go home from school at lunch and call in bogus requests like, ‘Johnny loves Mary’ and then they’d get jeered at when we went back to school.” One day he heard “If you’d like to

30 years with Timmy W

LRfm DJ Timmy Ryan spoke to My Waterford this month about his

“30 years have gone by very quickly,” After Dungarvan he moved to

Waterford and did two years each with Suirsid and ABC 104. “That was a fantastic learning curve. They were really professional. It was great craic and I worked with some wonderful guys. There was great camaraderie between us and the music selection was fantastic.” He eventually ended up in Dublin in

“fantastic”. “She’s never done a breakfast show

before but she’s so enthusiastic. She’s really taken to it and has a great, natural personality... and she makes great coffee,” he says smiling. Recently he

was involved in the Blaa’s for Kids fundraiser which saw blaas sold and raised much needed funds for the Sacred Heart Centre. It was a, “whirlwind week” which saw Timmy going from Dungarvan to Tramore and everywhere in between. “People were so generous. They’d give more money than what you asked and some even just gave money without taking a blaa.” They raised €6,500 and there is already talk about them doing it again next year. When he gets

Timmy enjoying some time off at Mahon Falls

present a show make a 30 minute tape of yourself and drop it in to us.” So Timmy went away, bought a blank tape, borrowed a tape recorder and made his very first show. He lied about his age as he wasn’t old enough according to entry requirements, and handed in his tape, which he still has to this day. A few days later his mother said that there was someone from the radio station who wanted to talk to him. He was brought into the studio for a look around and the next day did his very first show.


1994 on 104 FM but ended up coming back to Waterford after a year. “When I came back I was delighted,” and by April 1996 he was hosting a breakfast

a spare moment to himself, Timmy likes to watch movies, read and

of course he loves music. “I’m very lucky because my job is one of my hobbies.” Timmy’s words of wisdom are simple

“I’m very lucky because my job is one of my hobbies.”

show with his now partner Nichola, which ran for eight years and then with Aoibhin Fallon for four years until May this year. He is now kept busy with two shows on WLRfm, The Big Breakfast Blaa

but true. “Try to do what you love and love what you do. No matter what, keep the faith,” and, “Don’t listen to negative people because I wouldn’t be in radio if I’d listened to them.” When asked whether

he’ll still be in radio in another 30 years he says, “I wouldn’t look that far

ahead. It’s fantastic to be doing it this long. I’ve met some great people and am privileged to be in the business. I just take it as it comes and I’m happy to do it as long as I can.”

with Karen Doyle and his own Sunday morning show Easy on Sunday. “Both are fantastic, they’re different and they each have their functions.” He says working with Karen is

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