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Gears of War 3

his is the final installment in the insanely popular Gears of War trilogy. And as with any trilogy

closers, it has a lot of expectations to live up to but thankfully it delivers and then some. Developed by Epic Games and

published by Microsoft. Out now for Xbox 360. For ages 18 and over. Fans of the Gears series will know

what to expect and Epic have even included a short clip to help newbies into the storyline. The game picks up where Gears of War 2 left off. With the COG army effectively disbanded, Marcus Fenix and delta squad must scavenge and trade with other survivors in order to continue fighting the Locust horde and the new enemy, the infected and explosive Lambent creatures.

Rage review R

Thanks to new mechanics, new enemies and improved AI, you can no longer remain planted behind a single piece of cover for the duration of any fight. When you see a Lambent running towards you, you run. As with the previous Gears, there are many set pieces and these are more memorable and enjoyable then ever (the Mech-suit is my personal favorite set piece). The Gears series have always pushed

the Xbox 360 to its limits in terms of graphics but the areas here are actually compelling and help create an even more convincing story.

The online mode is where the Gears

of War 3 experience really begins. There are three main multiplayer modes: Horde, Beast and Versus. Then there’s Execution, Deathmatch and more. These modes will keep you playing till Christmas and beyond. In all, this is the best in the iconic

Gears of War trilogy. Few series have gone out with such a bang. Epic Games can rest easy knowing, not only have they made one of the must play games of the year but one of the best series committed to disc.

by Ray Lawless

age is the new first person shooter from the same people who brought you Doom and Quake, developer

by ID Software and publisher Bethesda Softworks. Out now on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Ages 18 and over. The storyline is your basic

apocalyptic tale. Years after the earth has been devastated by a meteorite, you emerge alone from an underground vault (yes the storyline is very similar to Fallout but the pacing is completely different) to find yourself immediately under fire from wasteland bandits. Similar to Fallout it is told in a first person shooter and RPG mode. As you make your way through the

wasteland in your machine-gun toteing buggy, you collect numerous weapons and craft various implements of death. The game may be linear but there is still plenty fun to be had whether it be entering battle-arenas, buggy races against other wastelanders, courier

36 missions and odd jobs for the settlements.

Although the storyline of the game does get bogged down in parts leading to tedious backtracking between areas, the combat is fast paced and furious. The various gangs and enemies you face, come at you bouncing off walls and rolling to the nearest form of cover making them hard to predict and harder to hit. The environments, indoor and

especially outdoor, blend in seamlessly with the gameplay. This is as close as you’ll ever want to get to a post apocalyptic environment. While

driving around in the wasteland, you’ll occasionally need to raise your chin from the floor. Interiors are amazingly detailed and look exactly like what you expect a wasteland to be like. The online mode fails to live up to its

other half. Three different racing modes, one deathmatch mode and a co-op dungeon mode. ID Software proves once again to be

the one of the best studios when it comes to first person shooters. Ignore the stock storyline and you’ll have a blast with this fun shooter.

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