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by Sinead Sullivan - Make-Up Waterford Winter Beauty

For when there’s a brrr in the month U

nless you’re lucky enough to spend your winters on a tropical island, the likelihood is, you’re going to suffer

at some point from the ravages of winter skin. But here are my top Beauty Tips to get you through another arctic Waterford winter.

Instead of over-moisturizing,

increase your exfoliation When it’s warm in the house and cold

outside, your skin’s natural moisture can become depleted, leaving it feeling tight and dry.

If yours is dry, tight and flakey, it

means that you have dry skin cell build- up on the surface, So rather than putting on extra cream to re-hydrate dead, dry skin cells (it doesn’t make sense!) try increasing your exfoliation with a gentle facial scrub to remove the dry skin cells so that when your cream goes on, it hydrates the new cells rather than the dead ones.

Modify your routine Your skin acts differently from summer

to winter and the best strategy for healthy, beautiful, problem-free skin is to adjust your home care routine too. In winter, the skin produces less oil, so for many skin types, this must be added back into the skin to maintain its balance. Look for moisturizers containing Safflower Oil, Avocado Oil and Shea Butter. Switch from a gel cleanser to a cream-based cleanser and eye creams are a must in the winter. Spring and summer products may expire or reduce their effectiveness for the following year, so it’s a good time to purge your products now.

‘Hand Cream Acne’ You may suffer from a condition we call

‘hand cream acne’ if you sleep with your hands on your face at night! We are more likely to use rich hand creams during the dry winter months, and most often, it’s applied right before you go to bed. If you sleep on your side with your hands on your face, the cream may be getting into the skin and clogging the pores. If you find that this may be happening to you, sleep with cotton gloves.

Don’t forget your neck Fiction caused by wool and polo neck

jumpers can rub on the neck causing it to be dry and irritated. Use a hydrating cream mask on your neck once a week to


replenish essential moisture. Make sure to exfoliate in upward motions with a mild facial scrub.

Legs We tend to cover up for the winter with

tights, socks, jeans and boots and a lot of the time it’s ‘out of sight; out of mind’. That combined with a decrease in

blood and lymph flow due to inactivity add up to nasty dry spotty flaky legs. This doesn’t need to be the case though. Exfoliate using a body brush in the bath or shower using large circular movements and moisturize afterwards with a cream or oils using the same circular movements. This increases blood flow and brightens the skin and is great for cellulite too.

Browned off Everyone looks better with a bit of

a colour, and the simple application of a facial tanner will give you a fresh healthy glow and make your eyes and teeth look that bit brighter - plus there are plenty of facial moisturizers on the market with a gradual tan built in, so there’s no need to spend on two products.

Be bold with colour A pop of bright lipstick will wake

you up on even your most tired winter mornings. My absolute favourite at the moment is Kate Moss for Rimmel - ****Pink . Please note, colour will NOT look good on chapped winter lips. If you suffer with dry lips, put on a slick of Vaseline each night and brush lightly with a toothbrush before bed, this will exfoliate, increase circulation and moisturize all at the same time.

Hair raising Keep your mane shimmering with

health when there’s a brrrr in the month, by treating it to a conditioning mask once a week, and if you must use tongs and straighteners, do spray in a leave in conditioner or protective heat spray first, it will help hold the style and nourish your hair at the same time.

Winter Treats To celebrate Kate Winslet’s fourth

year as Lancôme Ambassador, they have teamed up to create the Golden Hat Collection in time for the Christmas Season, named after Kate’s Autism charity foundation for children.


are donating €150,000

to the cause and you can help too, by buying the products. The “Golden Hat Foundation” collection reinterprets the legendary L’Absolu Rouge lipstick, and includes several nail polishes in all-new shades, as well as a new multi-compact powder. All these products are embossed with

the foundation’s logo and the actress’ signature and are available in Waterford in Mulligan’s Pharmacies.

Yves Saint Laurent YSL Toche Eclait is a cosmetic

phenomenon. Launched way back in 1992, there is one sold every 20 seconds around the world, and as part of YSL’s Holiday ‘Tuxedo’ makeup collection, everyone’s favourite highlighter has received a cute packaging make over with a velvet strip added to its iconic gold tube. TOUCHE ÉCLAT now even has its own website, www. where you can discover new ways of applying this magic pen. I’m a sucker for packaging, so I already

have mine! Get yours now in Debenhams while

stocks last.

Lux Armani Holiday Collection Vintage is all the rage, as you may

have noticed and Armani have embraced the trend in their new ‘Madre Perla’ Collection inspired by the Art Deco period of the 30’s, just in time for the Christmas market.

Contact professional makeup artist Sinead Sullivan on: 087 1326788 or find her on Wateford

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