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Volkswagen Passat

end models, while the rear taillights get some more subtle tweaks. Equally sharp looking is the interior that carries over for 2012 with the high-end-style dash, cleanly tailored seats and premium carpeting. Rear passengers will ap- preciate the 15 centimetres of fore/aft travel as well as the reclining 60/40 split seat back. Base price (incl. destination): $30,000 Base engine (hp): 2.0-litre DOHC I4, tur- bocharged (200) l/100 km (city/hwy): (MT)

Touareg With its full redesign for the 2011 model year,

Volkswagen pushed its Touareg sport utility ve- hicle into competition with a more exclusive set of rivals. Plenty is shared with corporate cousin Porsche, including the base 280-horsepower 3.6-litre V6. Optional is a 221-horsepower 3.0- litre turbo-diesel.Both powerplants provide the Touareg with a 3,500-kilogram towing capaci- ty.A six-speed automatic transmission is used to direct engine torque to all four wheels. Base price (incl. destination): $50,500 Base engine (hp): 3.6-litre DOHC V6 (280) Optional engine (hp): 3.0-litre DOHC V6 tur- bo-diesel (221)

l/100 km (city/hwy): 12.3/8.8 (3.6); 11.2/6.8 (3.0) VOLVO C30

This two-door hot-hatch fountain of youth was restyled for the 2011 model year, so for 2012 it’s all about option packages.Most of the C30’s mechanicals and suspension components are shared with the gone-this-year S40 sedan.The C30 is 22 centimetres shorter, however, which makes it appear sportier with minimal body overhang beyond the wheels.The sole power- plant is a turbocharged 2.5-litre inline five-cylin- der with 227 horsepower and 236 pound-feet of torque. Completing the drivetrain is a six- speed manual transmission or optional five-

speed automatic. Inside, everyone gets his or her own bucket seat. Base price (incl. destination): $32,100 Base engine (hp): 2.5-litre DOHC I5, tur- bocharged (227) l/100 km (city/hwy): 10.2/6.6 (MT)

C70 This solid four-seat metal-folding-top convert-

ible carries into the new model year wearing its 2011 styling updates and revised option groupings.When the skies clear, it takes just 30 seconds for the trunk lid to open wide and swal- low the retracting roof. Suddenly, the C70 be- comes a clean-shape convertible.Back for the 2012 model year is the 227-horsepower 2.5- litre turbocharged five-cylinder engine. Unfortunately for cog-swappers, the six-speed manual transmission is gone, leaving a five- speed automatic as the only choice. Base price (incl. destination): $55,600 Base engine (hp): 2.5-litre DOHC I5, tur- bocharged (227) l/100 km (city/hwy): 11.0/6.8


Enjoying rave reviews and accolades, the S60 sedan is without a doubt the best looking Volvo in years, perhaps even since the origi- nal P1800 coupe of the 1960s. Beneath the star-quality sheetmetal, the S60 is supported by a stiff platform that increases the distance between the front and rear wheels for added rear passenger space.For its 2011 launch, the S60 T6 AWD was your only choice, with a 300- horsepower 3.0-litre inline six-cylinder tur- bocharged engine, six-speed automatic trans- mission and all-wheel-drive. Volvo added a $7,000-less-expensive front-wheel-drive base model, which is called the T5, fitted with a 250- horsepower five-cylinder and six-speed auto- matic transmission.The newest addition to the S60 line, however is the T6 AWD R-Design with a goosed-up T6 engine rated at 325 horsepow- er.Volvo says the R-Design can hit 100 km-h


2012 Regal CXL

Volvo S60

from a standing start in about 5.5 seconds.This model arrives with the sport-sedan suite of goodies, from more supportive seats and unique wheels to a lowered ride height and firmer suspension. Base price (incl. destination): $39,400 Base engine (hp): 2.5-litre DOHC I5, tur- bocharged (250) Optional engine (hp): 3.0-litre DOHC I6, tur- bocharged (300/325) l/100 km (city/hwy): 10.5/6.6 (T5)

S80 The S80 might be the top model in Volvo’s

line, but the new S60 is getting all the glory as the face of the “new”Volvo under Chinese own- ership.However, the Sweden-based automak- er recently unveiled a large-sedan concept that will likely take the current S80’s place in the next couple of years.In the meantime, S80 with its two-engine lineup will have to serve the job of halo car.New for 2012 is an integrated sev- en-inch (18-centimetre) screen that can be tai- lored by the driver to provide the most useful in- formation. Base price (incl. destination): $50,200 Base engine (hp): 3.2-litre DOHC I6 (240/230)

Optional engine (hp): 3.0-litre DOHC I6 (300) l/100 km (city/hwy): 11.3/7.7 (3.2)


For 2012, the XC continues with a 240-horse 3.2-litre inline six-cylinder driving the front wheels. All-wheel-drive is an option for the 3.2, but it’s standard when you step up to T6’s 300- horsepower 3.0-litre turbocharged engine.New this season, the previous R-Design package becomes a full-fledged model with a 325-horse- power version of the 3.0 (that runs on regular gas) and also includes sharper steering and suspension settings and 20-inch wheels. Base price (incl. destination): $41,100 Base engine (hp): 3.2-litre DOHC I6 (240) Optional engine (hp): 3.0-litre DOHC I6, tur-

bocharged (300-325) l/100 km (city/hwy): 11.2/7.8 (FWD)


According to Volvo, lagging sales killed the V70 wagon, leaving the XC70 to pick up the slack with a new front-wheel-drive model. It’s not that wagons are really unpopular, it’s just that vehicles such as the XC60 with its lean and muscular good looks are apparently much more popular.In the case of the XC70, the de- sired off-roader effect is achieved by bolting on front and rear skid plates to protect the radia- tor and running gear from damage and by hik- ing up the standard V70 suspension for a few extra centimetres of ground clearance. Up-lev- el content such as dual-zone climate control, tilt/telescopic steering wheel, eight-way pow- er driver’s seat, keyless remote entry and an eight-speaker audio system with six-disc CD changer are part of the base package with pop- ular options being bundled into Premier, Premier Plus and Platinum packages. Base price (incl. destination): $44,100 Base engine (hp): 3.2-litre DOHC I6 (240) Optional engine (hp): 3.0-litre DOHC I6 (300) l/100 km (city/hwy): 11.6/8.2 (3.2)


The ranks of the large-format sport-utility ve- hicles seem to be thinning as the XC90 cuts the thirsty V8 from the lineup. The six-cylinder comes in all-wheel-drive only and is connect- ed to a six-speed automatic transmission. Plenty of safety features are a part of the Volvo experience, from six airbags to a stability-con- trol system that can sense an imminent rollover and, in conjunction with traction control, adjust brakes and engine torque to help you stay shiny-side-up. Base price (incl. destination): $50,000 Base engine (hp): 3.2-litre DOHC I6 (240) l/100 km (city/hwy): 13.2/8.8

The Okanagan Valley’s Only Exclusive Cadillac Dealership

2012 SRX

Nobody Saw This Coming!

For 2012, the unexpected sport sedan from Buick takes excitement and engineering to even higher levels. There’s also innovative new eAssist™ technology that reduces overall fuel consumption by a substantial 21 percent without compromising performance. The end result, as Car and Driver noted “…in a Buick that makes serious drivers grin like the Cheshire cat.” 0.40% Lease Rate Available

2012 Enclave

The Cadillac of Crossovers!

Cadillac’s unmistakable SRX Crossover may be the ideal contemporary luxury vehicle. It’s uniquely rewarding to look at, with a modern style inside and out. The SRX Crossover is also invigorating to drive, with sophisticated V6 power and a finely balanced track-tuned chassis. The SRX also delivers four-season driving confidence and a kind of versatility that conventional sedans just can’t match. The 2012 SRX, it’s the luxury crossover at its very best. 2.9% Lease Rate Available

2012 CTS Coupe

The Official Vehicle of the Good Life!

Handsome and contemporary, Enclave represents the best in crossover luxury. Visually, it’s a showcase of refined, contemporary style. Its performance is robust, yet Enclave also delivers a highway fuel efficiency rating of 8.4L/100 km. The handling - in your choice of Front-Wheel Drive (FWD) and All-Wheel Drive (AWD) configurations - is surefooted and confident in all four seasons. The 2012 Buick Enclave. Unexpected all-around excellence. $3,500 Rebate Plus… 1.99% Finance Rate Available

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Designed to Stir the Soul!

Can a car be more than a car? In the case of the new 2012 Cadillac CTS Coupe, the answer is emphatically “yes”. CTS Coupe is a rolling modern sculpture. An engineering masterpiece. And a signal to the world that Cadillac, more than ever, is the design and technology leader in the luxury class. Most of all, the new CTS Coupe is a driver’s delight. Experience it, and find out for yourself what a luxury coupe can be.

$2,000 Rebate Plus… 2.9% Lease Rate Available

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