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Saltburn Animal Rescue Association.

A small charity seeking to rescue and re-home cats and dogs, Tel: 01642 488108 (weekdays only, 10am to 2pm). SARA has many dogs and cats that need new homes. All are clean, healthy, neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

Hi Everyone this is me, Molly. Yes, yet another staffie cross, but I wasn’t

abandoned. A big change in my family circumstances meant I had to look for a new home and a new companion. Now; despite the fact that I am a really soppy, gentle, people loving girl, I will probably be overlooked by lots of people, That’s because I don’t immediately look like I have anything going for me. I am a staffie cross and I’m a sort of blacky-

browny colour. I don’t understand why people don’t seem to go ‘Ahhh’ when they see blacky-browny dogs (or cats for that matter) but they don’t and that means that they miss out on a lot of fun. Never judge a book by its cover or a dog by their looks. And of course, as has been said many times before about Staffies, don’t pass judgement on us by our reputation because it is just not true: we are not horrid, generally we are like me, Soppy, loving and people orientated. Put us with lovely people and you will have a

lovely dog. If we live with silly or nasty people then yes we might get a bit silly just because we don’t know any better, and we try so hard to please our owners, but it is not how we really are. Anyway I think I’m 2-ish and even though I have

been in a family I did need a bit of training in the basic good girl type of behaviour. So I have been going to obedience classes, where I am doing very well as the one thing I like is pleasing people and I have discovered that being a good girl and doing as I’m told satisfies humans no end and I love praise. So I know it is a good thing and very nice to do, I still have some lessons to do but I will be graduating with honours really soon. Now, as I said, I came from a home so I wasn’t too

bad but lots of the dogs who come in are a bit tatty coat wise, a bit dirty and matted if you know what I mean. All of us especially those who are rather ordinary like me,

need to look our very best, all clean and neat and smelling good to humans. Our choice of aroma doesn’t seem to be liked by humans so we have to present ourselves smelling nice and clean for you. At the moment SARA has to pay to have us groomed (or pampered) and we wondered if any of you would like to make a special contribution to help all us dogs be at our very, very best when you come to see us. A grooming fund perhaps. So, lovely people of Saltburn I am looking for a

new home, I can live with almost any kind of lovely family or single person but I haven’t had any contact with small children so best if any children are at senior school at least.

Despite my colour and breed I will make the most

loving and wonderful friend so please look behind the picture and see the beautiful girl inside. Thank You. Oops, I forgot: best for me to be an only dog too

please. Love, Molly. SARA fundraising events during November

The next monthly meeting of SARA will be held on Wednesday, 2nd November, in the TocH premises, Albion Terrace, Saltburn, at 7.30pm. New members are always welcome. Saturday 26th November – SARA will be holding a Social Evening, “Squealer” Entertaining, at Saltburn Cricket Club, 7.30pm to 11.00pm. Tickets £6.00

includes Pie and Pea Supper. A Raffle and Tombola will also be held. Tickets can be obtained from 07912668141 and also from the SARA Charity Shop, Guisborough or Saltburn Cricket Club. Come along and join in with members of SARA to make the evening a success. All proceeds will go towards the Foxrush Farm Sanctuary and Re-homing Fund.

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