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Paul Waugh stilt challenge

On Saturday, 1st October, I ran and walked from Whitby to Saltburn on stilts for Help for Heroes and the Haematology Day Centre at James Cook Hospital. The reason for the stilts was I was attempting to recreate the difficulties that the brave members of our armed forces face everyday if they are seriously injured fighting for our country. The stilts look like fun but they kill your feet after a while and are very painful but because I knew I was doing it for a good cause I knew I was going to get to the end no matter what. I might have been in pain for a week after this but the people I was doing it for will be in pain forever. I set off from the whale bones in my caveman outfit

and me and my daughter Rosie, 12, walked along the top of Whitby with a bucket collecting money. People were so generous and had a laugh at me in my gear. I carried on towards Sandsend and met my daughter

again as my wife Sue and daughter Laura dropped her off with the bucket. As we walked down towards the bridge in Sandsend we saw a lady and her husband panicking and asked what was wrong; they had lost her 3 year old son so my search and rescue head kicked in and we started to help them search. With me being high on my stilts I had a good view of the beach and it wasn’t long before he was found by someone and we carried on and met my wife who wasn’t surprised we had stopped. I had a drink and then proceeded to climb my first big hill: Lythe Bank. What a nightmare! I stopped so far up and leaned against a house. When the owner came and I said “lt’s ok, I’m safe!” as you don’t get many people dressed as a caveman walking by on stilts and we laughed but he gave me some money and I set off again which was a hard slog but I met my family at the top and had a breather and a drink. As it had got hotter I decided to change from my caveman outfit to a more suitable attire, a vest and shorts. Then I set off running and walking on the stilts and my family met me at certain points with a drink. As I started going through Staithes I realised there

was a problem with one of my stilts: the rubber on the bottom had worn through with the rough road and had split as well so I carried on out of Staithes and soldiered on up Boulby Bank. When I got near the top I told Sue but she already knew and didn’t want to say anything and I didn’t say anything to her at first in case she told me to stop. We came to an arrangement: she had an old pair of boots so we cut the bottom off and taped a bit of the sole to my stilts and wrapped loads of tape round. Then carried on. Our temporary hodge job lasted until Carlin How Bank where I

struggled to get to the top as the tape had worn through but I carried on to Brotton were we did another tape job and that lasted all the way to the finish at Saltburn Ship Inn. Altogether it took me five and a half hours. This was the last of four things I’d done for these two charities over the last month: I had done the Stockton river rat race, swimming the River Tees doing an obstacle course and running over Newport bridge and jumping off a ship at Stockton. The Middlesbrough 10k on the stilts, The great north run, then 20 miles from Whitby to Saltburn. I don’t know how much I have raised yet, but I would

like to thank all the people that have sponsored me and supported me over the years. Also a big thank you to my wife Sue and daughters

Laura, Sally and Rosie who have supported me no matter what crazy things I have done. I love them all.

Paul Waugh Help For Heroes Cheque Presentation Night

This is to take place at Saltburn Golf Club 25th November. There will be representatives of the organisation to

receive the cheque, which we estimate will be approximately £10,000. The entertainment will be provided by Ladies Choir RENAISSANCE and following the Presentation Teesside Cover Band LAST ANTHEM will finish off the evening. This is an opportunity to thank all the people who have

supported us and give them a chance to see and meet the people they have helped. The first half will be patriotic to


acknowledge the service these guys have given to this country and the second half is more upbeat to celebrate their determination to move on with their lives and overcome some of the horrific injuries they have received. Tickets are £3 available from Saltburn Golf Club,

Saltburn Stores, Watson’s Furniture Shop, Community Centre Table Top. Also available on the Door. This is an open event so come along and enjoy the

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