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Hey You! Be a ‘Friend of Talk of the Town’

Hey YOU! Yes you, good citizen reader of this magazine. Do you enjoy reading this latest edition of ‘Talk of the Town’? Do you look forward to it popping through your letterbox every month, as it has for the past ten years? Are you one of the many who read it cover to cover? Does your business benefit from your advertisement? Would you miss it if it ceased to exist? If so, your town magazine needs YOU.

magazine is the envy of many surrounding towns who would love to emulate what we have. Now is the time to make a stand and be counted to protect and preserve a wonderful asset. Do not bury your

head in the sand, as this will only achieve sand in your ears, a lack of vision, pain in the neck and frostbite, or worse, in your nether regions. Here in Saltburn, the people know that if you want some action in the community, the only way is to join together and make it happen. So, if you care about this magazine, join together and see what we can do before it is too late. A small group of concerned friends of ‘Talk of

In October’s edition our heroic editor, Ian Tyas,

wrote an impassioned plea for support. If you read it you will know that on Saturday afternoon this 5th November, Ian is playing Bach on the Grand Piano in Saltburn Theatre. He is raising funds to pay outstanding expenses to keep this excellent community magazine alive and running. We urge you to go along and sponsor him, buy a raffle ticket and demonstrate your personal support for him and ‘Talk of the Town’. For Ian, this town monthly is a passionate mission much more than a business. We know that he would be financially much better off giving up the magazine and getting a job on basic minimum pay. Unfortunately this has been the case for many years. So a more sustaining support is needed for the future and however this appealing recital fares it is not the answer. Ian Tyas, after his marathon ten year effort, deserves better than having to busk to save our magazine. ‘Talk of the Town’ is a magazine that Saltburn may

be proud of. It reflects perfectly the close knit caring community spirit that has developed in our town over the years. In addition, the high quality of the magazine, which Ian has incredibly maintained in view of escalating costs, reflects the quality of life within our community. Our

the Town’ recently met with Ian to discuss active support. It was agreed that the creation of a more formal group, to be known initially as ‘Friends of Talk of the Town’ would be a good start. This initiative is supported by members of The Rotary Club of Saltburn, Saltburn Conservative & Unionist Club and Saltburn Community Arts Association; this appeal is written on their behalf. We urge you to support action and consider forming a group by attending a non political open meeting at Saltburn Conservative Club at 7:30pm on Thursday, 10th November 2011, where all will be welcome. The objective of this meeting is to secure the future of ‘Talk of the Town’ by giving practical support to the editor. Please come along and voice your opinion, listen to others and be part of the action. If you are not part of the solution you may be part of the problem.

It would help if we had some idea of how many

people will be coming to the meeting, so please email or text your intentions before the 10th November to or Mobile 07796990526.

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