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Jupiter Rising from The Cons Club

We are back on Greenwich Mean Time, so that’s it, summer has officially ended. I tell myself to be positive, but it is hard when you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder and you long for a tropical beach. So I will take another pill and look on the bright side of life. A friend recently reminded me of a line from that Python song, ‘When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle. This will help things turn out for the best’. Good advice! Thank you, Anne. So what bright things are happening in November? The

brightest thing in the night sky just now is the planet Jupiter. Rising over Warsett hill just after sunset and being due south by midnight, 50 degrees above the horizon. Jupiter appears especially bright as it is as close as it ever gets to Earth in its orbit around the sun. We have a good pair of binoculars in the club bar, for members to use, so take advantage of them to view the night sky from the club garden. If you need any advice I will be happy to assist based on my O level in astronomy, grade c, circa 1962. Around 17th of November the Earth will pass through a field of debris from the tail of the comet Tempel-Tuttel. Don’t worry, this happens every year. However, if you are quietly on your way home after a late night in the club, (Friday and Saturday we close at 1am), and happen to glance up towards the constellation of Leo, you may see a shower of shooting stars heading for you. Do not be alarmed, it will not be the real ale having an adverse effect, it will be the phenomena known as the Leonids invading our atmosphere. Talking about invasions, if you are considering invading

America, I suggest you do it on 24th November. That is their ‘Thanksgiving Day’. I was once stuck in Texas on this day and believe me the entire country closes, eats mounds of turkey and falls asleep. An invasion after 7pm would be a walk over. There would be more life on Mars. I was asked by an American friend if the Brits had a Thanksgiving Day, I replied tongue in cheek, ‘Yes, British Thanksgiving Day is 4th July’. What other dates should you look out for in November? The 5th is going to be busy. First please go along to the

theatre during the afternoon to hear and support our editor in his marathon piano recital. On the evening we are having a bonfire night barbecue, sausages and burgers from Mr Gosnay. Bring the kids and a box of bangers (not sausage) and enjoy the night in a safe environment. Sunday 13th is Remembrance Sunday and at 11am the

Conservative club will be represented at the Cenotaph along with most of the town’s organisations to honour the fallen in the two world wars and all conflicts since. It is moving to see so many townspeople come out to pay their respects to the unforgotten heroes and I hope that this year we may see even more share our homage. We will as usual be offering our club facilities for refreshments after the ceremony, where all will be welcome. Thursday 10th November we will host the first

meeting of ‘Friends of Talk of the Town’. This will be an open public meeting where all interested people are invited to attend.

Every Friday is our Saltburn open acoustic platform

and by November we actually will have a ‘platform’ or stage for our brilliant performers to grace. Construction will start in October and we hope the work does not inconvenience our members too much. The new stage will provide a much better evening for both the audience and artists. However, if you want to enjoy the night you will need to be in early to get a seat. There is no charge and Fridays we invite non members to our club. Yet again it turns out that November will be a busy

month after all. The club being a beacon of light where a warm welcome will always be on offer along with one of our many fine ales. If you want to watch the stars at night or the future stars of the stage there is only one place in town to go. Mike Sellars, Club President.

Email: Mobile 07796 990526

This article is financially supported by Saltburn Conservative and Unionist Club.

Keeping on Swishing

Most of us would love new outfits and accessories for the forthcoming Christmas season, but stretched wallets can mean a shopping spree is out of the question. Swishing is the solution, a new way to refresh those wardrobes. On Thursday, 24th November Saltburn Golf Club is

hosting a recession busting swish night. Swishing is a growing global phenomenon. Basically it’s shopping without the price tag. The idea is that everyone has a look through their wardrobes for clothes, shoes and accessories that they’ve never worn, that don’t fit, or they’ve fallen out of love with. All the items are then put on display, and whilst having the odd drink and gossip, the rails are rummaged and the items given a new home.

This will be the second swish that organisers Katherine

Lynas and Katie Walls have held in Saltburn. Katie says “I’ve already been given 7 big bags full of clothes before we even start. I think we had almost 30 bags at the last swish and then people even came on the night with suitcases full. It was fantastic!” Sam Haresnape who attended the first swish said “I

couldn’t believe some of the things that had been brought. I got a bench jacket with the tags still on it, and my friend got a

Karen Millen dress.” And this time we have some extra special offers.

Emily, from Peachy Perfect beauticians, will be offering discounted manicures and pedicures. Temple Spa cosmetics will also be attending with samples, and information on becoming a sales rep; you could earn some extra Christmas cash.

The only rule of Swishing is that you contribute a

minimum of 5 items of clothing, shoes or accessories. You can take away whatever you fancy! This second swish night will be held at Saltburn Golf Club on Thursday. 24th November, doors open at 7.30pm and tickets are £5 each. To help the night run smoothly it is recommended that

you get in touch with the organisers, for tickets and to arrange collection or delivery of your clothes prior to the event. T o f i n d o u t mo r e c o n t a c t Ka t i e

at or on 07745542618 or Katherine on 07816046723 or look for ‘The Saltburn Swish Group’ on facebook. Just remember – no biting, scratching or hair pulling on

the night. This is not acceptable swishing behaviour (no matter how fabulous the dress).

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