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praising God together in song. Prayer ministry offers an opportunity for us to receive from God whatever he wants to do in our lives. Quite simply the prayer ministry team will offer to pray for you with the laying on of hands and will ask the Holy Spirit to lead them as they pray. You may come with something

specific to ask for or just be aware that you need to be prayed for and open to the Holy Spirit doing what he wants to do.

I know that I have neglected to mention a whole host of other prayer groups that meet around a shared passion for a particular mission or ministry and that prayer

should start and finish all our meetings whatever they are for, but I hope that this acts as a reminder and prompt to ‘pray in the Spirit on all occasions’ and join with others in so doing.

Mission Focus: News from Kisiizi Hospital—South-West Uganda

Kim and Dave Maylor (church reps) recently attended the annual Friends of Kisiizi Day in Reading.


St Georges continues to support Kisiizi Hospital and our support is even more valuable in this di f f i cul t e conomi c climate.

In Uganda inflation is running at 20% and the hospital gets less for every pound that we give. Also, people in the local area have been suffering food shortages as banana blight has ravaged their staple crop.


It’s a time of significant change at Ki s i izi , especially for staffing. Sister Esther (Principal Nursing Officer) is retiring this month after many years of service. Also, a new maternity tutor has arrived from Kampala. Anne Moore, who has worked as a Church

bGh_2 Bishop Patrick

speaking at the Mission

A new operating theatre suite has just been completed and staff are

Constance, Dr Francis & baby Gloria

Mission Society nurse for the last 15 years, has decided to return to Kisiizi in January with a change in her role on the children’s ward. John Kahanda, the primary school headmaster is retiring at the end of this year. Please pray about the appointment of new staff to replace both John and Sister Esther.


As well as the ongoing medical care and health programs at Kisiizi, there was a very successful mission in September with the new diocesan Bishop, Patrick as one of the speakers. The spiritual life of the hospital is very important and this mission was a great encouragement to the staff.

New operating theatre

eager to start using it when all the equipment has been fitted. The new staff housing (Jubilee House) is also nearing completion.


One great source of celebration this year has been the safe arrival of Gloria, a daughter for Dr Francis Banya and his new wife, Constance. Francis is a very skilled and much respected

By Kim & Dave

surgeon, whose life has been touched by tragedy over the last five years, so we rejoice with him.

Following the damage caused to the generator house by the mudslide last year, repairs and new preventative work has been carried out. The hydro electric scheme now supplies not only the hospital, but also 278 other customers nearby. This generates income for the hospital.

Please continue to pray for all of Kisiizi’s needs and the ongoing mission of the hospital.

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