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Federal Deficit , Gang$

By Lindsay Kennedy A

super committ ee, a gang of six, a group here, a plan there. You’ve heard about numerous budget scenar- iios for the last s

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farmpo icy? Here wewill explain what has been proposed and what may be on the table with respect to agriculture.

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First, we will take a chronological tour through the pro- posed defi cit reduction plans that have recommended major cuts to agriculture.

December 2010

After 10 months of work, the National Commission on Fis- cal Responsibility, or the Simpson-Bowles group, proposed $15 billion in cuts to agriculture over 10 years.

April 2011

House Budget Committ ee Chairman Paul Ryan’s plan, the Path to Prosperity, proposed almost $30 billion in cuts to agriculture over the next 10 years with direct payments and crop insurance in the plan’s cross hairs.

June 2011

The Biden Group, a group of six lawmakers chaired by Vice President Joe Biden, was charged with fi nding $2.5 trillion in budget cuts. The Biden Group proposed $34 bil-

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os for the last several months on the evening news, theymean when it comes to sorghum and

July 2011

The bipartisan Gang of Six proposed a solution to the U.S. debt ceiling crisis that would cut $11 billion to agriculture over the next 10 years.

August 2011

The Joint Select Committ ee on Defi cit Reduction, or the Super Committ ee, was created by Budget Control Act of 2011 to reduce the defi cit by at least $1.5 trillion before Nov. 23. The committ ee consists of 12 members of Congress, half from the Senate and half from the House with each delega- tion equally divided between Democrats and Republicans.

September 2011

President Obama reveals his American Jobs Act, which proposes $33 billion in future cuts to agriculture, calling for elimination of direct payments (assuming higher enrollment in ACRE as a result), cuts to crop insurance subsidies to both companies and growers, cuts to the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP), and continuing the widely criticized Supplemental Disaster Assurance Program (SURE) for five years with a price tag of $8.4 billion.

Reduction & Your Farm Committee$

and Group$

lion in cuts to agriculture, but negotiations broke down at the last minute.


SORGHUM Grower Fall 2011

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