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Q. How important is it for producers to be involved with the organizations that represent them?

A. Without input from the sorghum producer, the most integral component of the system is being ignored. We can-

not sell what we do not produce! This sustained drought is proof positive of that, I (the producer) need an advocate that will ensure we have adequate production to secure our place in the market. If I do not participate in this criti- cal role, no one else will represent my cause.

Q. How important is it for farmers to make contact with their congressional representation?

A. Congress has an obligation to personally acquaint themselves with their constituents. Constituents must do

likewise. Senators and congressional representatives cannot love you anymore than you love yourself, therefore, in order for them to gain an appreciation for our industry and those individuals in it, it is our obligation to introduce ourselves and project our concerns positively. Congress cannot know our perspective if we do not individually share it with them.

Q. Sweet sorghum has brought a lot of opportunity into the sorghum industry. Discuss how this energy crop fits in with the goals and direction of the sorghum industry and NSP.

A. Sweet sorghum represents the evolving nature of agriculture. A critical component of the demand of all

sorghum is renewable fuels. A large part of the growing area would be served well by expanding the production of sweet sorghum. It could prove to be another tool available to southeast U.S. growers to further strengthen their opera- tions through diversity.

Q. What would you say to a fellow farmer who is interested in getting involved in NSP?

A. NSP is one of the most proactive and positive organiza- tions I have had the pleasure of serving. While our indus-

try is a small one, the organization makes a huge impact on all of agriculture. It is a good place to leverage grassroots eff ort into a signifi cant impact.


SORGHUM Grower Fall 2011

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