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It is a legal requirement to have a daily act of collective worship in schools. At The Beacon, this is based on Christian values and teachings. Staff and clergy regularly share in and/or lead our Collective Worship.


take an active part and classes frequently take the lead. Parents have the right to withdraw their children from Worship. Any parent considering this should have early discussions with the headteacher.

Religious Education Religious Education focuses on pupils’ learning about and from religion. All world faiths are taught with Christianity being the main area of study. We aim to promote respect, knowledge and understanding of those with Christian faith, other faith and no faith. Parents should speak with the headteacher if they are considering exercising the right to withdraw their children from RE.

Teaching in RE is outstanding. Lessons are delivered with pace, enthusiasm and creativity’ Quotes from Statutory Inspection of Anglican Schools report (SIAS) 2011

School trips: day and residential We enhance our pupils’ learning through the use of the local environment and community; our central location is ideal for this. Classes make walking visits to many places including the beach, Manor Gardens, the estuary, the sports ground and centre, the town library, Holy Trinity Church, the town museum and the lifeboat station. In addition to this, our curriculum is further enriched through day visits to places further afield such as Killerton House, Charmouth for fossil hunting or The Eden Project.

We greatly value residential visits and make these available to pupils in years 5 and 6. We undertake an adventurous activity residential visit (i.e. watersports and abseiling) and an environmentally based residential visit over a two year rotation. Year 6 also have a local weekend camp with a neighbouring school.

The intention of the governing body is to make available as wide a range of educational activities as possible, whether as part of the formal curriculum or as an extension to it. Please see the school’s website for our policy on charging for school activities.

International links

As a school we have links with different countries across the world and celebrate the diversity and experiences that this brings all our pupils. Recently links have specifically been with Greece, Italy, Finland, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey and Burkina Faso.


In the younger classes pupils will be required to read regularly, to learn sounds and words and to practise basic mathematical calculations at home. As pupils progress through the school, homework will be based on a variety of different subjects and tasks which support work in school. We encourage parents to take an active interest in their children’s work.

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