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Music Pupils get a wide range of musical experiences, and are given opportunities to participate in a variety of activities including performing, composing and appraising. In years 4, 5 and 6, pupils all learn the trumpet or another brass instrument. Music is a particular strength in our school and pupils’ skills are often showcased in the community.


Opportunities to learn about French culture and to learn basic spoken French are given in the upper school.

Art We place great importance on the creative curriculum and aim to give pupils an appreciation of different art forms in addition to their progression of skills, knowledge and understanding. We use a variety of tools, materials and techniques to create our own work which involves both 2D and 3D pieces. Teaching allows for pupils own creativity and imagination as well as the learning of specific methods and styles.

Design and Technology Our emphasis for Design and Technology is on pupils gaining first- hand experience of working safely with a wide variety of materials and tools. Pupils examine ready made products and they design, make and evaluate their own work, for example torches.

ngland VA Primary School History and Geography

It is important for pupils to have a sense of place and of chronology/time. We aim to develop their knowledge of people, places, environments and events as we believe that these subjects are powerful in capturing pupils’ imagination and firing their curiosity. They encourage pupils to think about their own contributions, impact, values, rights and responsibilities.

Physical Education

The range of physical activities in the school is wide. All are designed to be enjoyable, vigorous, purposeful and regular.

PE sometimes takes place in the

school hall or playground however we also regularly use the space and facilities at the local sports ground, leisure centre and beach. We aim to give 2 hours of curriculum time to PE each week.

Personal, Social, Health Education and Citizenship We place great importance on helping pupils to learn more about themselves and the essential skills of independence, co-operation and team working. Pupils learn how our emotions affect our behaviours, about personal hygiene, eating and exercise. Sex education, appropriate to the pupil’s age, is taught. Parents are informed about when this is happening and are welcome to discuss any issues, worries or concerns with staff.

Behaviour We expect high standards of behaviour amongst our pupils. To see our Behaviour Management Policy, including anti bullying, please refer to our website.

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