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p. 12 - October 2011 | London Edition | FYI Spotlight

A community and life-style for today's active 55+ adult.

Features include:

1 & 2 Bedroom Suites

Whirlpool & Exercise Areas

Lush Gardens

Your own En- suite Laundry

Located on 5 acres of lush, landscaped grounds in North London, The Gainsborough has the location, lively atmosphere and abundant facilities to keep up with your energetic spirit.

Call today to arrange a tour or for more information!


Immediate Possession from


511 Gainsborough Road, London Ontario

The Gainsborough is owned and operated by The Salvation Army sponsored Grace Communities Corporation.

Close to Shopping Central Air

Secure Under- ground Parking Billiards Room

Handiman’s Workshop

Library & Lounge

And a great community !

The greying of

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you/your spouse

At age 47, the boyish superstar with a touch of grey in his beard is determined to make the world a better place for his six children to live in

by Honie Stevens

Ever since earning worldwide acclaim for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, the 47-year-old actor has been perched at the zenith of Hollywood success. An Academy Award nomination, a Golden Globe and front page headlines consorting with wife Angelina Jolie put Brad Pitt into our consciousness as never before.


And then came director Quentin Tarantino’s highly-praised war fi lm, Inglourious Basterds. His latest fi lm Moneyball, a baseball fl ick based on the strategies adopted by the Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane to compete with big-spending teams like the New York Yankees, was subject to a feature gala at the recent Toronto International Film Festival. (Pitt has admitted in other interviews he knew little about baseball but became “obsessed” with this David and Goliath story since signing on four years ago.) Moneyball hit the screens Sept. 23. “I’m really proud of (my last few) movies,” Pitt said in an interview. “About my performances, I’m always critical, but I think it’s a healthy criticism. It’s just: ‘What can I do to make it better in the future?’ But also, ‘What works?’ It’s a constant study, I think, fi lm and acting.”

Although Pitt will always be a “movie star

rad Pitt, as true fi lm fans will acknowledge, is more than just a pretty face. (But let’s admit it – what a face it is!)

hunk” for many of us, it’s not just his acting career that has won him admiration around the world. Newsweek magazine profi led his humanitarian work in a “Giving Back” themed article, noting: “If it weren’t for Brad Pitt, most Americans would never have heard of Namibia. They might not know about AIDS orphans in South Africa, or the plight of children in Haiti, or what transpired at the World Economics Forum in Davos, Switzerland.” “There’s a great imbalance when you see so many people dying – especially kids – from mosquito bites or diarrhea. It tells me more should be done,” Pitt says. “And the main reason is that these kinds of issues don’t seem to make our print or airtime. We’re not getting this information. And our society has great ingenuity and great empathy and we could create more change. We may all have been created equally, but we’re not all born equally.” Pitt has quietly funded 40 orthopedic beds for a hospital in Islamabad, Pakistan. When he and Jolie visited with a United Nations agency after an earthquake that killed thousands, he saw how under- equipped the hospitals were. The beds he purchased tilt from side to side using electronic switches and hydraulics, which help nurses shift paraplegic or tetraplegic patients regularly to avoid bedsores. Pitt’s charitable efforts are not just aimed abroad. A self-described architecture junkie, Pitt put up

Brad Pitt

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