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…and Svoboda Battens in the studio

For the psychological thriller ‘Nine Miles Down’, set for release next year (pictured on the right), Director of Photography Roger Simonsz used SVOBODA Battens as one of his main overhead light sources during the shoot at a disused factory in Budapest. Simonsz says: “Our principal

lighting would be small sources of light from doors and skylights along a corridor ceiling, and it had to accommodate lighting from daylight to moonlight and sandstorms blowing in, the rig had to be quite versatile. And I needed to be able to change from one look to another with a single lighting rig in place and change things very quickly.” The team suspended 18 downward- facing ADB SVOBODA Battens, sourced from local supplier Vision Team, from the grid. Adds Simonsz: “The skylights

were almost the same size as each SVOBODA which allowed each beam to be shaped by the skylight itself, and I changed the colours from day to night with gels. For a nightmare sequence there’s a 5k behind each door and a SVOBODA glowing above each skylight – and the colour was achieved using Lee 161 slate blue. The beauty was that it was so easy to put the colour on top of each skylight to change to a different look.”

Lighting TechnologiesLighting Technologies INSIGHT 12

Kate Nauta plays Jennie ‘JC’ Christianson in Anthony Waller’s new psychological thriller ‘Nine Miles Down’, with Director of Photography Roger Simonsz. Below: the set in a disused factory

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