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Hudson - Litchfield News | October 21, 2011 - 3

The Word Around Town... Letters to our Editor

Anti-American Funeral Picketers Te recent Supreme Court decision upholding

the First Amendment right of the Westboro Baptist Church, Topeka, KS to picket at the funerals of military personnel was a victory for our Constitutional rights but a defeat for morality in this country. Te followers of this so called church typically gather at the funeral ceremonies of our fallen heroes accusing them of condoning homosexuality within the military. Tese misguided disciples are reminiscent of the

Nazis and other fascist elements who persecuted gays, the clergy, Jews, gypsies and various ethnic peoples in the 1930’s and 1940’s. Tey should be looked upon as anti-American bigots who are trying to undermine our military and tear at the fabric of our country. States should pass laws which prohibit such

provocative and anti-American behavior within one mile or more from a funeral ceremony.

Donald A. Moskowitz - Londonderry Italian Americans

Te fall schedule of the Italian American Heritage

Society will continue with a private tour of a winemaking establishment starting promptly at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, November 9. Everyone is welcome to attend. Must call to reserve. Refreshments will be served.

Te December meeting will be a Xmas Party to be held at the home of the club Director on Saturday, December 3 at 7.p.m. Appetizers will be gratefully accepted. Donation to Derry Soup Kitchen is planned. Italian songs and Italian games will be part of the celebration.

Call 880-1686 or e-mail

Viola Leone, Program Chairman, Italian American Heritage Society - Hudson

My Experience With the Campbell High School Hiring Committee

Spring of 2011, I was informed that I would be one of the Paras laid off due to lack of state aide. Troughout the rest of the school year I was informed that I would be the first to come back if the money was given to the Litchfield school district. During the summer months I would check periodically on the status of my job. In August CHS posted three Para positions in the event the money came back. I immediately applied online along with all the recommendations from Admin and Staff. I questioned

HR on the reason I needed to apply when I was laid off. She informed me that this was the way the school district worked. Weeks passed without any calls. After the voting to accept the money for the six

articles passed I expected to hear from the school. Instead, the jobs were posted again and I had to apply again. I included all recommendations from Admin. Immediate supervisors, Head of departments, fellow coworker, and a former teacher. In all I sent CHS 10 recommendations. All these letters expressed the same thing that I was an excellent Para and would be greatly missed. Two weeks later on the 5th of October I received a call for an interview for my job. Te hiring committee included five school staff employees. Numerous questions were asked and I answered them completely and I was pleased about the interview. Te previous day the committee hired a person to fill my position that I had when I was laid off in the spring. Tis person had no waiting time to hear the outcome. It was a one-day interview the next day she was in school.

Te day after my interview the school posted

the three Para positions again. Tis time it was on the NHjobs.ed Website. Te wording was that the timetable to apply would be until the 10th of October or until the positions were filled. Te residents of Litchfield are angry, the reason they came to vote was to get the laid off people back. A few of the comments went like this: I knew we should not have given the school the money or what! Tat money was meant for the laid off people, and the politics of this town have to stop. I was never fired nor asked to leave CHS instead I was laid off. As of today there have been no phone calls to inform me I had my job back. No, I’m sorry we hired someone else for your job but thanks for nine years of helping students or could you start work tomorrow?

Marsha Finnegan - Litchfield

Haunted Hayride Showcases What Alvirne Students are Capable of

We hear it again and again - complaints about teens sitting around playing video games, apathetic and not involved. But we are lucky in Hudson where Alvirne High School students from a variety of groups and their teachers, volunteer hours of their personal time working to raise funds for charities and school activities. Te best example of this is the Haunted Hayride event which will take place this year on October 21-22, 28 and 29 at Hills House from 6 to 9 p.m. A half dozen

Bronco Barn Issues Challenge

submitted by Kelli Wholey, Alvirne High School The Bronco Barn is challenging Alvirne High

School to make and design holiday cards to send to our troops to show our appreciation and support. The plan is to set up a table in the Bronco Barn and invite every student, staff, and faculty member to come in and create their own holiday card to send overseas. MooreMart (www. will see it to that these cards are part of their November 11 shipment. The Bronco Barn is in need of assistance from the community to support this event. In order for this to be a success we need Christmas cards, paper and other supplies. We are hoping to have items such as stickers, stencils, and other decorative material to create these cards. If you are interested in supporting this project and want to help the students of Alvirne

Area News Group’s 22nd

1 inch Snow Contest Be a Part

of This Special Section !!!

Ad size is 2 column by 2” Your ad runs for three weeks!

Two consecutive weeks and the week the contest winners are announced

Available in all three of our newspapers !!! Call us Today (603)880-1516

High School we ask that you contact Kelli Wholey. Learn more about the bronco barn at Bronco

Barn Alvirne High School on Facebook! For more information contact Kelli Wholey at 886-1260, ext. 2536 or

clubs at the school including Class Act, Future Farmers of America, Student Council, the school’s culinary program and the Bronco Backers are teaming up to produce this fun, community event which will raise funds for the groups and their charities which include Juvenile Diabetes and college scholarships for Alvirne students. Here is your chance to show your support for this hard work.

Patty Langlais – Hudson Obama’s Changes

We all know that the economy has been on the decline for some time. Some blame it on the previous administration, but three years ago Senator Obama promised it would improve if he were elected president. Obama said if after three years there was no improvement in the economy, then he would be a one-term president. Well, looking at the changes in the U.S. economy from January 2009 to August 2011, I think Obama has sealed his fate. The average weeks of unemployment for an individual went from 19.9 to 40.3. The

unemployment rate went from 7.8 to 9.1 percent. Inflation rate went from .03 to 3.77 percent. Food stamp usage went from 31.9 to 45.2 million. The average home value went from $180,449 to $171,900. The average price of gas went from $1.82 to $3.66 a gallon. The national debt went from $10.6 trillion to $14.7 trillion. In 2008 the average median family income went from $52,029 to $49,445 in 2010, and the poverty rate from 13.2 to 14.3 percent. From 2008 to 2011 the average yearly health insurance premium per family went from $12,680 to $15,073. We’re obviously on a slippery slope, and there is no excuse for in competency. According to the U.S. Treasury Department, the nation’s total debt has increased 35 percent in just two years. The U.S. pays $1.2 billion on the national debt every day. We are obviously on a slippery slope. We the people don’t need more excuses, we need a new leader - one who puts the people first, not his own ideology or self-interest.

Merilyn Carnes - Hudson

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