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Sports 6 - October 14, 2011 | Pelham - Windham News Pelham~Windham Sports Razorbacks Third and Fourth Grade Game Reports

Razorbacks Grade 3: Pelham Razorback 26, Derry Demons 6 The third grade Pelham Razorbacks continued their winning ways on the road with a huge victory over the Derry Demons Red team 26-6 on a very hot day for football. The heat didn’t stop the Razorbacks offense as they wasted no time in scoring, Jake Herrling would get them on the board first on a quarterback sweep to the outside for a 45 yard touchdown run. Cam Hyder, Joshua “Soupy” Surprenant and Zach Jones would provide great blocking up front to spring Herrling. Surprenant added the extra point conversion to make it 7-0. The Razorbacks fired up defense would take the field, crushing hits by Eli Nicolopoulos, Lucas Baker, Herrling and Mason Fecteau would force the Demons to a quick four and out, giving the ball back to a hot Razorbacks offense. Key blocks up front behind the bruising offensive line of Keegan McKenney, Corey Mercier, Jackson Milano, Mikey Dumont, Eric Mello and Jake “Cheech” Micciche would spring Herrling for his second touchdown of the day. With no one able to catch the speedy Herrling, the Razorbacks would raise the score to 13-0. Zach Jones would converge on the extra point attempt to make it 14-0 in favor of the Razorbacks. The Razorbacks crushing D would be a thorn in the Demons side all morning with outstanding defensive plays by Jake Dumont, Dylan Santosuosso, Alex Laforge, Justin Roche and Lucas Baker. Late in the second quarter with the Razorbacks offense marching down the field on strong runs by Jimmy “Jimbo” Langenfeld, Dylan Santosusso and a great catch by Billy Ryder, the Razorbacks would strike again on a nifty move to the outside by Ryder who pounded the ball into the Demons end zone. Brady Valliere, Rick Toohey Jr., Alex Laforge, Eddie Ayotte, Justin Roche, Lucas Baker and Xavier Mondejar provided great blocking up front to make it 20-0 at halftime. The second half would be more of the same with the Razorbacks defense shutting down the Demons in the third quarter. The Demons would not go quietly and continued to fight by scoring a 4th quarter touchdown making it 20-6.

The Razorbacks would get a late score by Jake Herrling on a 35 yard run to the outside making it 26-6. The Razorbacks improved to 4-0-1, who was without their shutdown defensive corner Jaxon Snyder, due to injury; hope to have him back next week as the Razorbacks are on the road to face a tough team, the Keene Knights. Razorbacks Grade 4: Pelham Razorback 20, Derry Demons 0 The fourth grade Pelham Windham Razorbacks were forced to battle a tenacious foe this weekend, taking on a fired up den of Derry Demons intent on defending their haunting ground. The Razorbacks squad, looking to move to 5-0 on the season, found themselves in a fiery battle, with the inspired Derry squad playing “possessed” all afternoon. Leaning on their defensive prowess and grittiness, the Pelham boys staved off the continued surge of Derry drives, exorcising the Demons with a 20-0 final score. The Pelham Razorbacks started the game with a long kickoff return from Derek Crowley, moving the ball deep into Demon territory to start their drive at the opposition 15-yard line. While it looked like a quick strike was imminent, the Demons played valiantly, stopping determined runs by Jake Dunlap, Bubbles Ouellette and Ed Shlimon to force a turnover and deny the Razorback offense their spoils. Taking over on offense, the Demons were introduced to the tenacious Razorbacks defense, the “Power of the Pig” that would be squealing all day. Setting up a scoreless defensive brawl that would last well into the third period, the Pelham boys got hard snouted tackles all day long, starting with stops from Matthew Frechette, Kyle Baker, Ben Plumley, Bubbles Ouellette, Bubba Champagne, Jonathan Kamal and Ed Shlimon. The Razorbacks turned back the Derry assault and regained possession. The knock down tussle in the trenches continued into the second quarter, with the score 0-0. Despite continued clobbering inside runs by Tommy Doe, Jake Dunlap and Derek Crowley, the Demons stopped Pelham and began a ferocious attack. The Razorbacks defense came up big on a critical stop, forced by

Ben Plumley, knocking loose a Demon fumble that would be recovered by Pelham’s fumble vulture Matt Frechette. This back and forth ground warfare continued, with the squads on both side determined to hold steadfast in their defense of hard gained field position. Steve Petrillo continued his stellar season, dropping Demons in the backfield, while Kyle Baker was a force in the trenches, plugging the middle and denying inside runs. With Derry regaining the last possession of the second half, they began a dangerous drive deep into Pelham territory, mixing in some passing to try to spread the Pelham defense and open some running room. Thundering tackles by Jake Dunlap and Ben Plumley were complimented by the speed and solid tackling of cornerback Ethan Ford, setting up a critical 4th down for the hosts with 20 yards to the goal line. With tremendous pressure dialed up by the Razorbacks coaching squad, linebacker Tommy Doe and DT Matt Frechette collapsed the pocket, with Frechette imitating his hero, Howie Long, and ripping down the Derry QB and flipping him for a sack to end the second half of a scoreless tilt. The second half opened with Derry taking the

kickoff, looking to finally solve the stingy Pelham defense. Stops by Jonathan Kamal, Bubbles Ouellette, Kyle Baker and Ian Hoey stopped the Demon Drive in its tracks, denying the devils their due. On the first play ensuing drive, Touchdown Tommy Doe broke loose for a big run down the left sideline, taking it for a 40 yard gain, only stopped by the extraordinary effort of a Derry sprinter catching him at the 6 yard line. The Razorbacks came up short after a fumbled exchange turned it back to the Demons, however, again relying on the resolute Pelham defense to retain hard fought ground.

Unfaltering determination paid off with a final tackle in the backfield delivered by Eddie Shlimon, forcing a turnover. Two way star Jake Dunlap wove through the Derry defense from there, executing a nifty cutback to score the first touchdown of the day. After a conversion run by Tommy Doe, the score was 7-0. Derry was unable to answer the Razorbacks score, with

Engine No. 3 ‘Sold’ for $2,500

by Barbara O’Brien Dubbed “The Engine That Doesn’t Run,” by Windham Town Administrator Dana Call, the fire department’s 20-year-old Engine No. 3 has been “sold.” The truck was sold as is to the company from the Massachusetts-based company from whom the town’s brand new engine is being purchased.

accurate, in that it can be driven from one location to another, there are major escalating problems with the aging pumper.

Although describing Engine No. 3 as not running is not totally Initially,

town officials decided not to “trade-in” the two-decade old piece of fire-fighting apparatus, hoping to get more than the $2,500 offered at the time. As it turned out, however, the three bids, subsequently, received were less than the $2,500 offered as a trade-in. Call said that Engine No. 3 was advertised in national publications for a month and a half, resulting in the receipt of only three bids. One of the bids, from a New Hampshire resident, was for $1,000; another from a resident of Iowa, was for $1,000 and the third came from a non-profit emergency services agency in Arizona, which asked Windham to donate the fire truck for use in a very rural area

of the state. The non-profit agency said they would be responsible for transporting the truck to Arizona and would agree to a no liability clause in regard to the Town of Windham. Selectmen decided, however, that they did not want to donate

the truck, nor did they care to accept either of the other two bids. After rejecting the bids by a vote of 4 to 0, selectmen instructed Fire Chief Tom McPherson to inform the company from which they are buying the new engine that they were willing to sell Engine No. 3 for $2,500. “If we can get $2,500, consider it sold!” Town Administrator Dave Sullivan said. Voting in favor of selling the old fire truck for $2,500 were Vice- Chairman Bruce Breton and Selectmen Kathleen DiFruscia, Roger Hohenberger and Phil LoChiatto. Chairman Ross McLeod was not in attendance when the vote was taken during the board’s October 3 meeting.

Selectman Hohenberger commented on the large amount of money that had been spent on Engine No. 3 during the past several years. Chief McPherson noted that he had “never been in favor” of the money being spent on repairing the fire truck. McPherson did

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say, however, that the fire department managed to get three more years of use out of the repairs that were done, despite additional problems arising as time went by. “There’s a lot more work that needs to be done” on Engine No. 3,” McPherson commented. “I think it’s worth more than [giving it away] free,” he added. McPherson said he is also anxious to get the old truck out of the fire station, as the space is needed to house the new fire engine, slated for delivery in the not too distant future.



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Tackle by #27 Matt Frechette from the fourth grade

Razorbacks Steve Petrillo and Collin Gosselin

delivering tackles for loss, and Patrick Madden, Matthew Jozokos and Charlie Katin denying any outside running. Riley Basset stopped inside runs while Ed Shlimon and Charlie Katin hammered the Demon backs with crushing tackles to regain possession. Running back Tommy Doe broke through the right side, with solid blocking from Evan Haskins, Ryan Leuteritz and Mason Belsky, driving in the second TD from 25 yards out. Jake Dunlap carried the conversion with a nice block from Gaige Bassett. Another defensive shutdown was delivered by the Razorbacks’ ‘Red ‘Defense, with Gabe Hidalgo, Tyler Passamonte, Matthew Muise, Colby Travis and Nick Branco slamming the door on the Demons. After the stop, strong inside running by chain-mover Ben Plumley set up strong field position, and Tommy Doe cut through the left side, with a big block by Keegan Garrett sealing the lane for a TD to increase the Pelham lead to 20-0. Pelham executed a brilliant tactical angle kick by Patrick Madden, delicately placed down the right side with a hard charging Derek Crowley pouncing on the live ball to recover possession. Set up by his brother’s effort, RB Matthew Crowley then broke off a long run to grind down the clock. After a miscue, Derry took over, looking to make a final attempt at getting on the score-sheet. With a fitting end, the Pelham defense got a whirling sack by Steve Bouchard coming around the left side to thwart the Demonic possession, closing out the game and protecting the shutout for the Pigs.

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