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6 - October 14, 2011 | Salem Community Patriot

Hampstead Academy Art Program Ranks Sixth in the State!

Shaheen Accepts Women’s Leadership Award

U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) accepted the Torchbearer Award this week from the Women Legislators’ Lobby (WiLL) and Women’s Action for New Direction (WAND) in Washington, DC at the biennial “Women at the Table of Power Conference.” The WiLL/WAND Torchbearer Award recognizes inspirational women leaders in the fields of peace, justice, and the advancement of women.

Senator Jeanne Shaheen receives the Torchbearer Award. From left to right: State Senator Nan Grogan Orrock (GA),

WiLL President; Susan Shaer, WAND Executive Director; State Representative Evalyn Merrick (NH); State Representative Cindy Rosenwald (NH); U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen; Eileen Kirlin, Executive Vice-President, SEIU; State Representative Jenna Roberts (NH); State

submitted by Hampstead Academy Brooke Boncher, art teacher at Hampstead Academy in Hampstead deserves to take a step out of the art room and into the spotlight! Boncher has been recognized by Artsonia – the world’s largest online kid’s art museum – for outstanding leadership in the area of Arts Education at Hampstead Academy. The school’s online art gallery – Hampstead3 - ranks number six in the state, according to Artsonia. The Leadership Award presented to Brooke

Boncher honors teachers who go beyond the classroom walls to encourage family and community involvement in arts education. The award also recognizes significant achievement in the area of technology integration within the school arts program. State rankings are based on specific criteria, which demonstrate both aspects of the Leadership Award. While teachers in more than 100 countries

showcase their student artwork on Artsonia, Brooke Boncher has created a school community

deserving of recognition. During the 2010-2011 school year, the Hampstead Academy gallery showcased 1286 pieces of artwork. This popular collection of art has been visited more than 6701 times and has received 254 comments from friends and family. “Artsonia is a simple yet effective way to get parents and family members more involved in Art Education,” said Boncher, “and my students love it!”

In addition, family members can purchase keepsakes imprinted with the child’s artwork, with Artsonia donating 15 percent of their annual product revenue back to the school art program.

Headquartered in Gurnee, IL, Artsonia is an online kid’s art museum providing free, educational resources for kids, families, and schools. Founded in 2000, Artsonia continues to integrate technology in the classroom, develop multi-cultural understanding through art, and increase family involvement in children’s education. To find out more, visit www.artsonia. com.

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Representative Jennifer Daler (NH); State Representative Julie Brown (NH);

and State Representative Phyllis Katsakiores (NH).

Left: State Senator Nan Grogan Orrock (GA),

WiLL President; Eileen Kirlin, Executive Vice- President, SEIU; U.S.

Senator Jeanne Shaheen; and Susan Shaer, WAND Executive Director

Citizen Police Academy Week 4, Drug Recognition Experts

by Andrea Ganley-Dannewitz Drugs are everywhere. They are on the streets in Salem, in our schools and in our neighborhoods. Specially trained officers, one of them being Officer Chad Clark, the School Resource Officer at Salem High School are Drug Recognition Experts. This meaning they have attended and completed a two-week, 80-hour drug recognition course. Sgt. Rob Morin of Salem Police Department

who is also certified as a Drug Recognition Expert said officers who take these courses are highly trained and skilled in recognizing drugs and detecting the various types of symptoms that the impairment of the drugs cause. “This is one of the more challenging courses that officers take. It designates these officers as certified experts, but we don’t know everything,” Sgt. Morin said. So what exactly goes into the task of being designated as a drug recognition expert? Officer Chad Clark demonstrated to the Citizen Police Academy class last Tuesday what training for this designation was about and what exactly a Drug Recognition Expert is. “An officer who is to take the courses to become a DRE (Drug Recognition Expert) must already be classified as an officer who has proven expertise in DWI detection and standardized field sobriety testing. The first seven days of DRE school are extremely intense. From there, 12 evaluations are conducted using subjects who are under the influence of various substances,” Officer Clark said.


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Sgt. Morin added to

that saying, “During the opinionated evaluations in order to pass the officer’s evaluation of what substance the subject is under the influence of must be proven by a toxicology test done through a urine sample. The drugs you opinionated must show up in that sample in order to pass the evaluations to become a DRE. There is a lot of science involved.” After the courses have been taken the final test alone is at least three to four hours long and some officers do not pass the first time around. The need for Drug Recognition Experts is very real. For years, officers would take impaired drivers into custody, only to let them go because their blood alcohol content was not at an illegal level. Officers began to shy away from making these types of arrests because they did not have reliable methods to test and correctly identify drug use and impairment. In a 1983 study conducted in Los Angeles, DREs correctly identified 95 percent of drug free subjects as unimpaired. In that same study DREs correctly identified 98.7 percent of high- dose impaired subjects as being “highly under the influence” and also correctly identified the substances these subjects were suspected of using 91.7 percent of the time. There are seven categories of drugs: Cannabis (marijuana), Inhalants (anesthetic gases and aerosols), Narcotic Analgesics (heroin, methadone, narcotic prescription drugs), Dissociative Anesthetic (these are substances that can be purchased in stores, saliva, spice, etc.), Hallucinogens (LSD, peyote), Central Nervous System Stimulants (cocaine), and Central Nervous System Depressants (alcohol, barbiturates, tranquilizers). Drug Recognition Experts must be able to identify these substances in the field as well as recognize the various symptoms their impairment causes a person. Having several DREs at Salem Police Department is beneficial to both Salem and towns that do not have a DRE in their agency. DREs can be called out at any time when their expertise is needed.

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