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Futurebuilding is an award winning volunteer experience that gives participants the opportunity to get involved in a valuable community project abroad. This could be anything from helping local constructors to renovate a school in Nepal or building a water pump with the local community in Tanzania. To date, Childreach International’s Futurebuilding scheme has renovated 11 schools, benefiting approximately 3,500 children.

Last year Childreach International and Eaga PLC Futurebuilding won the award for Best Overseas Project at the Charity Business Awards for their School Renovation project in Tanzania.

Last November Childreach International, Eaga PLC and ePT celebrated the completion of another School Improvement Project in Tanzania with the handover of a newly renovated Lotima Primary School back to the local community. Together Childreach International and Eaga Futurebuilders worked hard to renovate 10 new classrooms, construct a new kitchen with 3 energy saving stoves, 12 hygienic toilet cubicles and to install football and volleyball pitches.

Poor conditions within schools, such as a lack of water supply, inadequate classrooms and unsanitary toilets,

are a key contributory factor to low attendance rates. Many children drop out of school, or do not attend in the first place, due to environments which are not at all conducive to learning. Children at Lotima School can now learn in a safe and clean environment, which increases the potential for high and consistent attendance and performance rates, decreases the risk of communicable disease spread in the school, and allows children to realise their right to play and learn.

Eaga PLC are now known as Carillion Energy Services.

Billy Snowdon, one of the Eaga volunteers, said of the project:

“ “

This has been a fantastic and humbling project to be involved in. I have been able to see first hand how the efforts of all those involved really make a difference to the children at Lotima School; these are things that we too often take for granted. I do not see our time in Lotima as the end of a project, but only the beginning of what we have done to help bring together a community and produce a better future for their children.

Our school is the best in the whole village. We used to suffer from flu all the time before the project, because Lotima is a very dusty place, most classroom floors were dusty, but after the renovation we now study in classrooms that have been screened with cement. Now when we come into classrooms, we are sheltered from the dust.

” Pupil, Lotima School.

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