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Where: Takeo Province Cambodia.

Who: Working with our project partner Women’s Health Cambodia, this project is reaching out to 4,600 children in rural Cambodia.

What: Childreach International began working in Cambodia in 2011. Working with Women’s Health Cambodia we are providing essential maternal and child healthcare, ensuring mothers and their infants are safe and cared for pre and post pregnancy.

How: Childreach International is helping to run a health clinic/birthing centre and providing support for midwives in rural Takeo. Midwives will be given training as well as provided with teaching materials to educate women on health awareness issues. A driver will be supplied for outreach work, allowing poor rural communities the opportunity to receive vital medical attention.

Case Study:

Chong Nai Hy is the midwife who established Women’s Health Cambodia. She knows only too well the importance of maternal and child healthcare. In the early hours of an April morning, a heavily pregnant woman called Nun was rushed into the birthing centre we support.

We had never seen her before for pre natal checking. She had very high blood pressure. She didn’t have enough money to travel to the hospital and no vehicle to take her so we treated her here at the health centre. Nun had her baby but she still had dangerously high blood pressure so we treated her at home for four days until she was healthy again.

” Chong Nai Hy

In the following months, another woman came into the birthing centre, heavily pregnant and in urgent need of treatment – it was Nun’s sister. After a successful delivery, the grandmother thanked Chong Nai Hy and the birthing centre for seeing both her daughters, safely delivering two healthy babies – a fate very rare in poor rural communities.

Chong Nai Hy continues to help women like Nun and her sister. As well as providing medical care, midwives are educating local women on basic healthcare and improving the maternal and child health of generations to come:

“It is important women do not die so they can look after their children. I will go into the village to teach them about the danger signs.”


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