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here-ness or now-ness is the water in every wave. T is seamlessness of being cannot be lost or found because it is all there is. When our attention is absorbed in thoughts, stories and beliefs, it seems that this open- ness is lost, that we are a separate fragment encapsulated inside an independent bodymind, steering that bodymind through life, like a ship moving forward in the river of time. We look for happiness out there‚ somewhere in the future. As this imaginary fragment, we feel driven to be somebody‚ make something of ourselves and get somewhere. But no matter what we do, something always seems to be lacking. When there is a waking up from entrancement, we discover the aliveness and openness of this timeless present mo- ment. As this seamless happening of life itself, we discover that we are already free, already whole. We have never really been separate or lost. T is waking up is not a past or future event. It is now or never. But awake or asleep, there is only ever this seamless happening that never comes, never goes, and never stays the same.

Portals to Nonduality? Meditative Manipulations of Time Perception, Peggy LaCerra, PhD, Director of the Center for Evolutionary Neuroscience 11:10am–11:45am

Time perception‚ the indefi nite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and

future‚ is a universal human construct that varies as a function of age and gender, and is infl uenced by a variety of other internal and external factors. In this light, the contention that time perception refl ects the mind’s propensity to customize individual reality is considered within the framework of duality and nondu- ality, and the apparent infl uences of various meditation techniques on time perception are explored. Finally, the contention that these techniques serve as portals to a non-dual perception of reality is examined

Free To Do What You Must, Terry Patten, Author, Teacher 11:50am–12:25pm

 CORTE MADERA ROOM Reality simply IS; existence is a seamless garment, indivisible. We are conscious and embodied‚ not two,

non-dual. When we communicate, though, we share perspectives, large and small, more or less limited. And every perspective sees something. Each is true in some way, and also always partial. Although we rightly critique the partiality of perspectives and try to free ourselves from their limitations, we usually tend to throw out some truth (baby) with the partiality (bathwater). Sometimes reality teaches us to relax our minds and stories about reality into the freedom of radical immediate clarity. When we disidentify from our perspectives, we can relax into a fl ow in which we are non-separate from the dance. In other moments reality teaches us to show up right here and now as this vulnerable body and mind; we sometimes face a moral imperative to accept the practical implications of our points of view and perceptions; to transcend them would be to bypass and avoid relationship, to fail to act and choose. So in this paradox love arises spontaneously. Although there is no other, the behavior that most expresses non-separation is the enactment of relationship. Will we act from love and care? Will we stand up to Hitler (like Bonhoff er) or equivocate and collude (like Heiddeger)? How does our radical consciousness express itself in life and relationship? At a certain point, clarity compels action. And we are liberated from our illusory choices into service of the whole. T e boring triviality of what we think we can choose is replaced by the ennobling dignity of what we must do and be‚ excluding nothing. T at is freedom.

 C3. Consciousness and Time

Time and Conscious Evolution, Kumar Sharma, PhD in Physics and Author 9:00am–9:20am

 NOVATO ROOM Beyond time is the dimension of eternity from which universes emerge, play out, and dissolve back into

the vacuum of space. Time is marked by the march of events or the fl ow of thoughts, so in a realm bereft of them the fl ow of time cannot be registered. In that timelessness, the supreme reality of the universe is realized as pure blissful consciousness, the nature and workings of time are directly known, and the eternal is revealed as deeply present in the very here and now as well. T e aim of nondual meditation may thus be seen as the transcendence of time! Mastery of time through Vedic, Tantric, Yogic and other practices has long been sought by the rishis and siddhas of India. Knowledge of the past, present, and future is even to- day not unheard of in great spiritual adepts. Buddhism, Kashmiri Shaivism, and Vedanta are replete with inner knowledge of time in all its dimensions, and Pauranics and Jainas talk casually of great cycles that stretch over hundreds of trillions of years! Yama is not only the Lord of Death, he is also the Gatekeeper of


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