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D A L L A S E V E L Y N S I N K 1 9 0 7 – 2 0 1 0 The Joy in Her Work It may be hard to believe, but not everyone looks forward to retirement. T

hat was certainly the case with Dallas Evelyn Sink, a longtime interpreter at Old Salem Museums & Gardens who retired at the age of 96. Dallas probably would have stayed longer, but a broken foot, the result of a car accident, left her without mobility and transportation. She harnessed her boundless energy in other pursuits. And that was how many of her friends came to describe her:

energetic, determined, and straightforward—a person with a zest for life who found joy and pride in a job well-done. These were traits she learned while growing up on a farm in Davidson County and carried with her throughout life. A graduate of Salem College, she became a schoolteacher in

Forsyth County. A former student remembers her as a stern but excellent instructor who preferred the old-fashioned technique of repetition in her classes, a technique that would serve her well in the years ahead.

After 44 years of teaching, Dallas retired and began a new

career—as a costumed interpreter at Old Salem. Fellow inter- preters recount with amusement her insistent use of repetition with school groups at Old Salem, which garnered eye rolls, snickers… and results. An inspiration to friends and cowork- ers, Dallas looked forward to each day at Old Salem and held herself to very high standards, whether tending to the fire for hearthside cooking or leading groups of schoolchildren. After retiring from Old Salem, she devoted her time and

talents to Centenary United Methodist Church and volunteer- ing at the store at Brookridge Retirement Community where she lived. When asked the secret to her longevity, she replied that it was the goodness of God, her good health, and joy and pride in her work. “And the fact that I never married,” she laughingly added. When Dallas died in June 2010 at the age of 103, she left a lasting legacy to the

three organizations that mattered most to her: Salem College, Centenary Church, and Old Salem. Frugal and hardworking, Dallas Sink left a bequest that will sub- stantially benefit educational programs and activities at Old Salem, one of the places where she found fellowship, friendship, and joy in her work. m

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Old Salem Museums & Gardens

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