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Old Salem Museums & Gardens consists of two museums:

Old Salem Museums & Gardens 600 South Main Street Winston-Salem, NC 27101

Phone 336-721-7350 | Fax 336-721-7335


board of trustees Mrs. Ragan Folan, Chairman

Mr. Paul Fulton, Vice Chairman

The Historic Town of Salem is a restored Moravian congregation town dating back to 1766, with costumed interpreters bringing the late-18th and 19th centuries to life. Restored original buildings, faithful reconstructions, and historically accurate gardens and landscapes make the Historic Town of Salem one of America’s most authentic history attractions.

The Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts (MESDA), collects, exhibits, researches, and educates the public about the decorative arts made and used by people living and working in Maryland, Virginia, the Carolinas, Georgia, Kentucky, and Tennessee, from the 17th century to the beginning of the Civil War.

Mr. F. Hudnall Christopher, Jr., Treasurer Mr. Richard Gottlieb, Secretary

Dr. Eugene W. Adcock, III Ms. Betsy Annese Dr. Anthony Atala

Mr. Michael J. Bozymski Mr. Nicholas B. Bragg Mr. Robert Brown

Mr. Craig D. Cannon Mr. J. Haywood Davis Mr. Anthony L. Furr Mr. W. Ted Gossett

Mr. James A. Gray, III Dr. Edward G. Hill, Jr. Mr. Michael Hough

Mr. Henry H. Jordan, II Mr. Stanhope A. Kelly Ms. Judy Lambeth

Ms. Chris Minter-Dowd Mr. Anthony Montag Mr. L. Glenn Orr, Jr.

Mr. C. Edward Pleasants, Jr. Donald Julian Reaves, PhD Dr. Thomas H. Sears, Jr. Dr. Allston J. Stubbs, III

Summer/Fall 2011

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Mrs. Margaret D. Townsend Mr. William Watson Mr. Hayes Wauford

Ex-Officio Members:

Mr. James T. Baucom | Ms. Molly A. Leight Dr. Susan Pauly | Ms. Kathleen Staples

On The Cover: Fall activities in Old Salem begin

with some enticing and entertaining Halloween selections. See page 26 for more information.

Old Salem Museums & Gardens

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