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The future is local for Mid Sussex


ased on our central belief that ‘the future is local’, it is our mission to support businesses and communities in and around Mid Sussex in a way that is different and we believe more effective than other publications in the area. So what are the benefi ts of advertising with us?

Focused editorial content that our readers love. Part of what makes us unique is our choice of features on local people, places and events that other publications might not cover but our readers can’t get enough of. It is the quality of our writing and photography that sets us apart from other publications.

Highest penetration in Mid Sussex. We are hyper-local. Because of the large number of copies distributed exclusively in the Mid Sussex area, more than one in three households reads Sussex Living. Our penetration is deep enough to create ‘buzz’ between our readers, amplifying the impact of the magazine and everything in it.

Quality production and stunning design. Sussex Living magazine is produced in-house by our talented production team. The result is a great looking magazine with a luxury feel – the perfect platform to promote your business.

Customer service that you will love. We don’t pay sales commission, which is why our account managers can really focus on what is best for YOU, providing honest and highly valuable business advice to help your business grow. Our experienced sales staff have in-depth knowledge of what’s happening in their dedicated geographical areas. Call them – you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Free online PR and community support. We give additional support where we can, by promoting our customers on and listing their events in What’s On, at no extra charge. Let us know about local charity events too, however small. Follow us on Facebook at and Twitter @sussexliving.

There are many ways in which we can help promote your business and take your products and services to a wider audience. Our sales team will be happy to advise on what works best for you.


SUSSEX LIVING October 2011

Facts & Figures

✪ Free, glossy monthly A4 pick up

✪ 19,000 copies distributed across Mid Sussex

✪ 52,000 readers, mostly ABC1s

✪ Largest circulating magazine in Mid Sussex

✪ High proportion of quality editorial

✪ Active community engagement

Welcome to Sussex Living, the independent magazine for Mid Sussex. We are a quality monthly publication with a strong editorial focus, actively engaged with the local area that we serve.

comment Editor’s by Nicole Tata ■ advertising feature

Photography: Lee Meads – Sussex Living 2011

Solar Electricity:

are you getting it?

by Ruth Lawrence Photography: Ruth Lawrence

D SL Sept 14-23.indd 23

Change is something we can resist or embrace and the new solar technology is challenging preconceptions of how we harvest energy.

avid Chewter of The Solar Electricity Company in Burgess Hill is a passionate advocate of the ultimate green technology. Some of the latest products are micro inverters produced by Cambridge innovators, Enecsys, which sit

behind each solar panel to constantly monitor the performance and energy generation. The clever bit is that the customer can access the information 24 hours a day via a computer or even an iPhone. David showed me how the virtual dials and graphs display how much each panel is producing at any individual moment. No longer the stuff of science fiction, this technology offers up to 25% increased energy harvest than conventional solar systems.

The Solar Electricity Company is opening a new, additional showroom on Saturday, 17th September in Sussex Road, Haywards Heath, where products can be seen, compared and discussed, a service also available in the Burgess Hill branch. He is keen to combine the latest products with the best panels to produce a top quality system. Apparently, all the systems the company have fitted have exceeded their expected performance and, with a 25-year performance warranty, there is little to be worried about.

Customers have been pleasantly surprised, one noting that “the system is providing most of our electricity” and another that “the yield is steadily increasing.” One customer, a past President of the Institute of Electrical Engineers, wrote “how delighted I am with the performance of the solar installation”, adding that the “computer display is first class.”

David Chewter and Angela Smith at The Solar Electricity Company.

Limesof Lindfi eld C

by Nicole Tata

Chris and Jo White have lost none of the energetic youthfulness that propelled them to take on Limes fi ve years ago, bringing fresh, modern cuisine to Lindfi eld’s historic High Street and adding some much needed gastronomic zest to the village.


hris and Jo have always had a passion for food and entertaining. When a former dental surgery in a tired old period building on the high street came up for sale, the couple saw an opportunity that seemed to be just right for

“We aim to get people to understand solar, not just sell it to them. In fact, we tend to undersell and overdeliver.”

September 2011

them. Backed by some twenty years’ experience in catering, they knew “this was our chance to bring lunches and a vibrant, new café to Lindfi eld. Limes is what we wanted to do.” With the support of their family – many of them Lindfi eld based – as well as the blessing of the local community, they set to work. Juggling the daily demands of this new project with day jobs and bringing up their two daughters Phoebe and Erin (now aged 7 and 3 1/2), they embarked on their goal of bringing new life to what was then a quiet Sussex village. With Chris’ background in property renovation, turning the Georgian building into what became Limes wasn’t a big problem. Jo’s expertise in Fine Arts meant that she was perfectly placed to take charge of the interior design. She said: “Chris and I have complementary skills and a great relationship – Limes is proof of that!” What they have achieved is nothing short of spectacular.

Fast forward to today and you’ll

fi nd a welcoming and thriving bistro and restaurant business, open for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day except Sunday. The village

David’s wider aim is “to get people to understand solar, not just sell it to them. In fact, we tend to undersell and overdeliver.” He is constantly researching new innovative products. Unobtrusive semi-transparent solar glass can be used where panels are impractical and solar slates are undetectable from their solid counterparts. So much is becoming possible day by day: thin film panelling can even be stuck to car roofs and eventually will be wearable as clothing! David runs an electric car which can be plugged into a solar carport to recharge. Pergolas, office buildings and even the humble garden shed can be solar panelled to produc


its potenti Thanks t David’s energy

TH 2

electricity. As the sun isn’t go run out for a few billion yea energy really is here foreve fossil fuels. It’s an exciting time t of the solar revolution. Electricity Company advances understan baffled or simply u solar power could David a visit, fo enthusiasm m you abundan Solar en

for every fancy a choos Gril Sa C

Garden enthusiasts will

love our feature on the Great Sussex Gardens and the families who shaped and looked after them, courtesy of historian Dr Katy Brown. Feast your eyes on some truly stunning photography of Wakehurst (see above), Borde Hill, High Beeches and Nymans. Even better, go and visit the gardens before the weather turns – I guarantee you won’t fi nd a better day out in Mid Sussex.

has woken up too, with quirky and interesting lifestyle shops opening up on the High Street, making Lindfi eld the destination of choice for many a shopper.

Grace Stainer is our cover star this month. Only 16 years old but with her head screwed on, her heart in the right place and looks to die for, this girl has all the right attributes to make it big on stage.

An oasis of lush greens and dark browns, with a dash of hot pink, Limes’ classic contemporary décor and uncluttered style – wood, leather, glass, steel – combines to create universal appeal: simply put, this is lovely place to meet, relax and enj

Our September wedding feature adds glamour and style, and provides a useful information source for brides-to-be across Sussex. Need ideas to make your Big Day specia Take a look at what’s on offer loc

“Limes is all ab having an enjoya relaxing expe

Breakfasts a From posh co English – th Breakfast – The m

his month’s Sussex Living magazine is our biggest ever issue: 116 pages of cracking content for your delectation! To say that we’re pleased would be an understatement. So, what’s to read?

Here’s a tip: Keep this magazine in your wedding fi le for future reference. There’s a new kid on the in Hurst: the Hurstpierpoi Society is going live at th Hurst Festival in Septem Saitch is ready to shar for intelligent cinema wider community a all the stops to ma I’m already a me forward to the fi Players Theatr We’re alw can shed lig Sussex his I always plantati Downs the B inv


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