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moon's starting and diminishing periods) of each month. As ―Shivities‖ (a clan that worships lord Shiva), our 9 temples are nothing but Shivan temples and Pradosam puja‘s are done regularly by our village committees. Many local nagarathars participate in these events to get the blessing of lord shiva and even the nagarathars who are away from our native places celebrate this at the local Shiva temples. Pradosam is a well-known function in one of our famous Nagarathar temple: Venthanpatti Nandeeswarer where the Nei Nandhi (Ghee Nandhi Idol) is very famous across Tamil Nadu.

How are these social gatherings evolved in this

day and age? Being away from home (native villages) is not new to the nagarathars. Our grandfathers and great grandfathers have always traveled abroad for business and the single most flame that they always carried were their traditions and spirituality. Even though more than 2/3rds of the nagarathars have moved out of our native villages and live in the cities or even abroad, we gather frequently to keep up traditions and culture alive.

Pillayar Nonbu, Deepavali/Pongal Festivals, Retreats and Thai Poosam are some of the pre-dominant gathering events that happen around the globe to rekindle our focus and remember/pass on our culture to the younger generation. Certain functions are celebrated by nagarathars in certain part of the world. For example, Thai Poosam and Chithirai Thiruvizha are the two functions that are celebrated with lots of nagarathars in Malaysia gathering in Kuala Lumpur and Penang. Similarly, Retreats are a unique US nagarathar tradition that happens every two years.

Pillayar Nonbu

Pillayar Nonbu is one of


traditional Nagarathar festivals that‘s been practiced


meet fellow nagarathars spread across the United States and socialize. Also, they planned this even to show case the exceptional/gifted nagarathar children and adults to perform their art in front of thousands of nagarathars gathered at one place. The event mainly focuses on teaching the nagarathar values, culture and tradition to our younger generation.

like unity, hospitality, generosity, spirituality and more over a place to teach our younger generation of our roots and teaches them how to be rooted and polite with success. So, invite your family, extended-family and friends for all your festivities at home or in your town and spread the cheer and values of our community all across the globe.

September 2011

for centuries by our community and still to- date it has been the single most auspicious event that‘s carried out in all parts of the world. Here in the US, every NSNA region celebrates it at a local temple during the month of December/January. Each Nagarathar family takes ―elai‖ from our local nagarathar elderly and prays Lord Ganesha for his blessings and wishes our future generations to be rooted to our values and traditions. One of the main event of the Pillayar Nonbu function in the United States is the Yelam (auction) function and where generous nagarathars bid for auspicious items in the name of god – whose proceeds are used for the well- being of under-privileged nagarathars back home for education and humanity services.


Retreat was an excellent idea coined by the US nagarathars back in 1992 by a handful of Nagarathars present during that time. Apart from the local gatherings for functions and festivals, the US nagarathars gathered together and thought of a plan to convene and meet every two years at a common place – even in various regions to

A prominent/successful businessman or philanthropist will be invited to proceed over the Retreat and he/she will instill the values and culture of our community to the young nagarathars with their success stories. This has been the most successful event and far reached across the globe. NANAL covers each Retreat in detail (Please refer to old NANALs for Retreat specials during that year).


Apart from all these social gatherings & religious festivals that unite our community, we can‘t forget our local village ―Poo Thiruvizha‖ (Where people enter a flame bed barefooted to show their devotion to god), ―Ther Thiruvizha‖ or the Kumba Abhishekam’s as well, as they are also part of our culture and still today our Aaya‘s and Appatha‘s invite people for these events from all around – proving our community‘s well-known attribute: hospitality.

Social gatherings and Festivals are part of our community and a great way to re- kindle our age old traditions and attributes

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