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YOUTH CONTEST—What do you want to become in the world and why? W

ow. That‘s a great question. I really had to think deeply to come up

with the answer. After all, I am only a 7th grader and I still have a lot of time to explore my talents and passions to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. Then finally it hit me. I want to be an Orthodontist when I grow up!

Why be an Orthodontist, you ask? I want to be an Orthodontist because everyone in my family has had braces at some point in their lives and it hasn‘t been one of the greatest experiences we've had. You can't eat many foods and almost NO CANDY at all, not to mention the numerous painful appointments. It was even harder on my parents because they got them at an age where it takes a lot longer for the teeth to move. Believe me, having spacers, braces, retainers, headgear and plenty of other things is a lot of bother. Which is why I want to make it a better experience for everyone else in the future. I want people to have fun while getting braces and not dread their visit to the orthodontist. That is why I want to become an Orthodontist. Of course the money wouldn't hurt either, I know between the four of us in my family, we have paid a mini fortune to our Orthodontist.

Who likes to have people poking at their teeth and putting weird stuff into their mouths that tastes disgusting? I mean,

come on people. We've invented robots but we still have to deal with foul tasting impressions. Really? I'm going to make the process less painful with advanced technology like laser treatment, x-ray wands and even virtual appointments, where you would be transported to a place of your choice with fond memories from your past or from your imagination, while my assistants and I work on your teeth! Who says you can't have great teeth

by sreya seguvan age 12, seattle

and then fixing it I will have a preventive treatment available for when your teeth first come in at a very young age. So, by the time you are ready for braces the process will go a lot faster and be a lot less painful.

$50 Contest Winner

I think that being an Orthodontist is an ideal job for me because I can really relate to this job. Better teeth can change your whole personality and will boost your courage, like it did for me. My dad was never happy with his teeth and he hardly ever smiled, but now that he has gone through the process (wearing braces for five years!!!) he is a changed man and he flashes his pearly whites at the drop of a hat.

without going through the pain?

I want to help people have beautiful smiles! Sometimes even after people have worn braces for a really long time their teeth aren't that much better or don't turn out to the patients expectation, so when you come the very first time to my office I will show the new and improved version of your teeth, and you will be able to give your input on how you would like it to be changed to make it uniquely yours. Moreover, instead of letting things go bad

Finally, I would like to travel the world and help under privileged people get their teeth fixed and have great smiles. Especially in countries

where such cosmetic procedures are very low on their list of medical needs. I would also encourage my friends, colleagues, and peers to join in the effort to bring more smiles into this world. I would even have a world wide smile clinic. We all know more smiles means more happiness, and for sure we could do with a little more happiness and peace in this world. Happiness is the light switch to world peace. I can't wait to become an Orthodontist!

The NANAL Team sincerely thank

Dr. A. Periakaruppan and his family for encouraging our youth and sponsoring the youth contest

46 September 2011

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