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behind at the Chuttis Club will be auctioned off !‖

Youth Activities

Meanwhile the NSNA 17+ youth spent their time preparing for the hour long Mr. and Ms. NSNA Pageant. The NSNA youth were split up into four groups. Each group chose two representatives who compete for the Mr. and Ms. NSNA. The ‗Kallakal Kootam‘ group won the competition. On day 2, the youth went on a cruise which sailed around the city of Philadelphia with

Mrs. Shoba Sampath and Mr. Odaippan Pichappan discussed the financial matters that impact our day-to-day lives. Shoba Sampath, a Retirement Planning Specialist and Financial Planner at AXA Advisors, presented an excellent session on Financial Services and Investment Planning. She spoke about the market volatility and the

the ball rooms and conference rooms at Mariott.

Mr. Thiruppathy Sabapathy of IL led the Yoga and Meditation. Dr. Nachu Chinnakaruppan talked about a few basic techniques and tips for women defending themselves; Dr. Muthu Arunachalam acted as the moderator in the Doctor‘s Forum.

brotherly love. Lunch was served on board and a member of the cruise enlightened the youth with history of Philadelphia. It was a great experience for everyone to get together to socialize, experience some fine dining, and dance the evening away.

Apart from all the fun and frolic, the youth managed to raise $1,125.57 as education funds for the under privileged in India.

As a sort of grand finale to the youth activities, there was discotheque on Sunday night that went on till 3:00 AM the following day. The dance floor attracted not just our youth but our adults as well in large numbers.

Break-out Sessions

In addition to chutties and youth activities, there were several other break-out sessions that were held during the 2-day event. Our Nagarathars from various regions have chipped in their valuable time in conducting these sessions. Guests could choose from a variety of breakout sessions ranging from ‗Getting ready for College‘ to ‗Finance and Legal services‘ that were held in


Mr. Vairam Alagappan prepared and educated the high-school goers and

their parents on getting ready for college. While Mr. Veerapan led the Entrepreneurship Forum, Mr. Raman Velu conducted the Enhanced Relationship session. And Mrs. Suseela Nagappan talked out legal matters pertinent to our lifestyle here in the U.S.A.

A group of achis got together and conducted a cooking/health session for our achis. In this session, speakers highlighted the ‗six human needs‘ which are Certainty/ Comfort,

Variety, Connection/Love, Growth,

various strategies to manage personal finances. The one hour session was packed with information and left the room full of attendees wanting for more. Shoba honored the request and extended the session to answer several questions.

Mr. Odie Pichappan, an Associate at US Rates at TD Securities, was the speaker at the U.S Based Retirement Planning and Tax Shelter session. The speaker, very clearly in layman‘s terms presented several facts about 401 (K) plans, IRAs, and College Savings (529) plans. A full house of parents and grand parents greatly benefited from this session and walked out with a clear understanding of which of these services would work best for them.

General Body Meeting

NSNA General Body Meeting was held in parallel to the break out sessions. The meeting got off the ground with the

Significance, and

Contribution. The six human needs are lessons from life often forgotten in our busy lives. For more on this you can watch the YouTube video, ―Anthony Robbins Six Human Needs‖

introductory speech by Vellay Narayanan, the NSNA Secretary followed by Annamalai Sambanthan‘s report on the NSNA finance. The attendees actively participated in the financial

discussions and

overwhelmingly approved the overall performance of the current NSNA Executive Team.

After the financial discussion, the floor was open for Q&A sessions to chairs of various committees. During the

September 2011

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