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Grab a bite of the Edible Gifts Business says international gift-wrapping expert Arona Khan, well known for her innovative and eye-catching merchandising techniques.

Digesting gifts W

ith a growing taste in the UK for food and drink prepared by skilled artisan chefs, offering your customers edible

gifts is a way to increase sales and create that much needed point of difference. But don’t stop there, you can increase an item’s perceived value and enhance your customer service throughout the year by transforming the simplest item into a special gift.


A bar of chocolate can be elevated to a premium present simply by wrapping it. I like to use a pouch technique that is very popular and doesn’t require any sticky tape. The result looks like a clutch bag which I dress with ribbon or a bow. Simple, stylish, and with Christmas on the horizon, it is perfect as a stocking fi ller, a little something for a surprise visitor or a Secret Santa gift. How many of your customers have to buy Christmas or end of year presents for junior’s teacher? Fill some slow selling mugs with chocolates and wrap in food safe cellophane before adding a beautiful bow and hey presto everyone is happy! At other times of the year just add a tag suggesting occasions when they could be given. Thank You for Looking After the Cat or Get Well Soon are just two possibilities.

Preserves and Relishes Pots of preserve, chutney and relish are delicious, inexpensive and welcome gifts. I prefer to wrap them using offcuts of cellophane. Add a layer of tissue paper if

40 Christmas General Themed Hampers Pickled at Christmas

Hampers are like puppies – they are not just for Christmas! They can help you increase sales throughout the year including St Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter and Father’s Day. You could also create themed hampers for occasions growing in popularity including Halloween when you can have fi endish fun fi nding Vampire Relish and other devilishly delicious bites like the products available from The Garlic Farm Just what you need to catch the eye of a passer-by especially when you only have eight seconds to attract their attention!

Additional Gifts Christmas Wedding

When making up hampers create a theme including books, mugs, tea towels and lots more besides. This is a good way of spring- cleaning stock instead of relegating it to the sale shelf!

At Autumn Fair, between my seminars, I spotted products that would also make ideal additions to hampers including the extensive range of gift books and stationery from Allsorted Titles like Sorry! or For a Real Friend are all you need to convey the message. Jarapa have a wide selection of recycled glassware at attractive price points while Black Ginger

your customers want to keep the contents a secret and add a gift tag with some witty words. My current favourite is Pickled at Christmas! If you are concerned about customers not seeing the contents, display a list or place the bag alongside the jars.

have a great selection of paper serviettes. Choosing a Container

Now what do you do with all these items? First things fi rst; you need to select a container. You could use boxes that haven’t sold or are part of a damaged set. Nested boxes offer the opportunity to sell hampers at different price points and see which are most appealing to your customers. There is a wide choice of baskets, trays and boxes available from companies including WBC. Ribbons, bows and accessories can signifi cantly increase the perceived value of a gift.

Sourcing Edible Gifts So having established that edible gifts should be on your shopping list where do you source these goodies? Speciality & Fine Food Fair Speciality & Fine Food Fair is the artisan food fair of the year. Another smaller show well worth a visit if you are in Yorkshire in June is the Harrogate Speciality Food Show Harrogate Speciality Food Show.

I hope this has whetted your appetite for the wonderful world of edible gifts. For further ideas visit www.aronasuggests. com where you will see hampers and gift baskets for occasions throughout the year. Details of Arona’s upcoming gift wrapping, bow making and hamper & gift basket courses, DVDs, and consultancy services can be found at: T: 01273 727705 E:

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