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Glick Glick saw the launch of 6 new gift wrap and 4 new gift bag ranges under the ‘Paper Salad’ banner at the Autumn Fair, following a successful introduction of Paper Salad designs earlier in the year.

The mix of popular design icons, fashionable colours and fantastic quality make this range ultra appealing and will further boost the sales and popularity of this range. The Baby range has been incredibly popular and a Wedding and Christening title have also been welcome additions. Glick has launched six new roll wraps in the Paper Salad collection which are two metres long and a very competitive retail of £1.99. The designs are pretty cupcakes which have been a best seller in fl at wrap and a brand new Balloons design which should also appeal to children. Glick also launched more of their popular spring ‘sale or return’ packages for Valentines and Mothers Day. The ranges this year include Paper Salad designed wrap and bags as well as a striking Kraft design. The sale or return packages also offer a comprehensive range of ancillaries such as bags, bows, ribbons and some brand new tissue paper designs. Package totals are circa £150 per season.

T: 01274 655980 E:

It’s a wrap with Collage Collage, the gift wrap designers from UKG, take inspiration for their decorative wraps and accessories from fashion and seasons, creating best selling gift dressings to fi t the personality, tastes and interests of those they care about. Amera Stanforth, Creative Director on Gift Wrap explains: “Everything and anything can inspire a gift wrap range, we draw inspiration from a very wide view point, be it popular media to fashion, interiors, packaging, branding, even current affairs, such as the Royal Wedding, Olympics and Golden Jubilee”.

New ranges from the Collage line include Fiona Cairns, Love Home, Blossom and Elliot & Buttons in addition to those below.

Kate Knight Her bold fl oral prints and this bright,

fashionable collection really refl ects the beauty of her work. The very feminine range features effl orescent prints, pastel colours, and visual impact through the use of black.

Midnight Pets Factor

gift packs Gift bags, boxes, tags and wrap from Takkoda’s endearing Pets Factor range include cute animal characters from cats and dogs to guinea pigs and rabbits. The Pets Factor range of products include cards, gifts, accessories and stationery. Beautifully made products with pretty and fun designs that children adore.

Small, medium and large gift bags have lilac gift tag and handles and come in packs of 12, priced as 60p, 90p and £1.35 respectively. Six nested square gift boxes are £9.95 per set, fully lined in lilac 80gsm paper. Ten nested oblong boxes also lined in lilac paper are £17.95 per set. The gift tags come in packs of 12. There are 4 designs, 6cm square at 16p each. Gift wrap come in 2 designs in pack sizes of 25 at 50p per sheet.

T: 020 8740 8887 E:


One for the men is Midnight, simple, sophisticated and classic. The range offers style and elegance while remaining bold and masculine partnering modish black with shimmering,

holographic silver lettering.

The Award Winner Using strong imagery from The Very Hungry Caterpillar original

artwork by Eric Carle, this award winning collection offers something for

everyone and features a stunning range of fl at wrap, gift bags and gift boxes. Amera said: “We are confi dent that the range will

prove very popular due to the licence’s long success and popularity, and the striking impact on the gift wrap product”.

E: T: 01924 465200

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