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More humour from UK

Greetings The New Yorker UK Greetings has acquired a prestigious new license giving them the rights to showcase the hilarious cartoons from The New Yorker magazine.

Since it began publication in 1925, The New Yorker magazine has published over 90,000 of the world’s funniest single-panel cartoons, covering a variety of topics by an array of talented artists and these

and always appreciated. We wanted to make a real impact with this release, ensuring that there is lots of new material in the range that will obviously update the look of the displays.

A range that has been at the forefront of the market as long as Giggles has is often perceived as looking the same and old fashioned. The reality is that good designs keep selling for years, some of the designs have been best sellers for over 5 years, so it’s a fi ne balancing act of keeping these designs on display whilst adding strong new content to complement.”

This refresh will still showcase the strong jokes and great artwork which Giggles is renowned for but will gently move Giggle to new levels of appeal. “We have widened the net to ensure that we are getting some fresh new editorial, that, whilst staying true to the nature of the

range, will captivate a new audience. The addition of new cartoon styles and formats will also help us to satisfy the younger card buyer” says Alison.

When it comes to the humour itself, the Giggles range already appeals to a wide spectrum of customers with a secure standing in the greeting card market. Alison points out that: “Giggles strength is its ability to appeal to a wide audience, with cards suitable for teenagers to octogenarians and beyond!”

Since its inception in 1987 the Giggles range has gone from strength to strength and is now a multi-million pound earner for Hanson White.

James Hanson and Gordon White were the founding fathers of humour cards in Britain and the fi rst to import the slim humour cards from the US in the 1950s. Giggles burst onto the scene as a contemporary alternative to this slim card. Its 5 x 7 inch format pioneered a winning combination of strong visual humour and belly-laugh gags that had shoppers rolling in the aisles and quickly becoming a massive hit with both CTN customers and within the new independent scene.

This best-selling humour collection has many more bright years ahead of it, and Hanson White intend to achieve continued longevity from the range by sticking to its already successful formula. For further

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cartoons will now be showcased in a brilliant humour range from Hanson White. Alison Callaway, Senior Product Development Manager at Hanson White, the humour market brand leader and part of the UK Greetings family, says, “We are delighted to be adding the illustrious New Yorker to our product portfolio. There is such a vast amount of celebrated material for us to choose from that we have really been spoilt for choice.”

Lizz Lunney

This new humour range from Hanson White features dry and off the wall wit from some great animal characters. With Bumble Bee’s singing

70’s pop tunes, Dinosaurs warning of extinction and a daft cat that has lost it’s shoes. The wacky brain behind the range is Lizz Lunney who works freelance as an illustrator and storyboard artist, with her own online comic, which has a huge following. The 14 designs in the range offering an alternative and simply unique birthday send with bright colour palettes and quirky humour.

Learn Something everyday

This new licensed range features quirky facts and fun trivia, taken from popular website ‘Learn Something Every Day’.

Do you know which fruit humans share DNA with, how many handbags a woman will own in her lifetime or what the fi rst song sung in space was? Well with this range all is

revealed, and you can share this knowledge with everyone you know.

‘Learn Something Every Day’ was initiated as a daily design project by Manchester based Young studio. The website soon attracted 20,000 daily hits, inspired a colourful and ‘educational’ book, published by Penguin, and is now available as an app.

The bright, bold, hand drawn designs in the range are fun, enlightening and are sure to stand out on card displays. Who said learning wasn’t fun! 33

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