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Bella Bijou Greeting card designer Vicky

Kingsnorth at Abacus is the lady behind the pretty Parisian styled Bella Bijou range of greetings cards, which launched this summer.

The concept is quite aspiration in nature with designs showing a young women in a variety of different scenarios, doing all the things tat she would like to do in her spare time, from shopping for shoes to reclining on a chaise

lounge eating chocolates in a Parisian apartment overlooking the Eiffel Tower.

The design team were given an open brief with the loose aim of designing a female card range to appeal to young 20 something women. The designers each drew up mood boards before presenting ideas, comparing notes and settling on Vicky’s concept as the winning choice. Abacus wanted to act quite fast on turning around the designs which pick up a number of key trends this year – the use of the silhouette and patterned backgrounds. One innovation that really sets the cards apart is the use of a new cold-foiling technique that really lifts the design by picking up the underlying colours to give a jewel-like multi-coloured fi nish. T: 01638 552399 E:

Laughs for

the ladies Female cartoonist Judy Horacek has come up with some best selling designs that capture the female sprit and sense of humour. Cath Tate Cards started publishing Judy Horacek’s designs after spotting Horacek’s quirky humour as instantly identifi able to women everywhere. Cath Tate Cards have always pioneered the work of female artists and began publishing the work of women

cartoonists many years ago. Horacek’s range uses silly

situational humour with a feminist edge and has proved so popular that Cath Tate Cards have now extended the range to include 6 new designs for Christmas.

Cath Tate Cards T: 0208 671 2166 E:

Girl power from Holy

Textured lace and crystals Velvet Olive’s range of cards for women are larger than the average size card at 16 x 17.5cm. Printed onto cream textured heavy weight board, fi nished with silver glitter in a lace pattern and a scattering of tiny Austrian crystals for extra sparkle. Produced in the UK from sustainable sources and materials RRP £3.25.

Velvet Olive T: 0845 25 777 01



Mackerel As an all-female company, the Holy Mackerel team are always on the lookout for designs with girl appeal. Their “One Lump or Two” range is a gloriously celebratory occasions range with fabulous female birthdays and some great age cards – think “70 is the new 50” and you’ll get the idea. And with over 100 cards in the range now you’re spoilt for choice. “Miss Behaving” is a fantastic range for ladies who are old enough to know better, whether its “mixing HRT and alcopops” or “Gladys’s lucky pants” this range is defi nitely one for the girls.

And if you want a gaggle of giggling girls at your card racks, Holy Mackerel’s “Wry Smile” from artist David Fawcett is an absolute must. Let’s face it ladies, we all like the occasional dig at our other halves, and David captures that beautifully with captions including “My husband hates Strictly” and the best- selling “For God’s sake put your pyjamas on Jeffrey! There are 14 new cards in the range this summer.

Holy Mackerel T: 01297 33899

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