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Indie retailer up for an EPoS supply chain award

The Retail Systems Awards judging panel has shortlisted independent card retailer RSVP Greetings with Intelligent Retail for the 2011 ‘Supply Chain Solution of the Year’ category with the winner to be announced later this month.

This award recognises retailers who have introduced a supply chain

Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) solution that helped the business manage stock levels, whilst also improving visibility across the entire organisation. Judges also assessed the cost-saving benefi ts of the solution. RSVP Greetings is a successful specialist card and gift retailer that has

recently opened its third store. The company has enjoyed continued growth despite strong competition by delivering ‘up to the minute best in class’ products. Having the right cards on the shelves at the right time is essential, as is keeping the shelves fully stocked. Working together with Intelligent Retail they use ‘Greetings Connect’, a

complete retail system that is integrated from the EPoS tills through to the supply chain. This gives total real time visibility of stock across all locations, letting them track and manage product availability easily and effi ciently.

Greetings Connect includes a ‘Price Lookup Table’, so when a new product

is sent from the supplier, the Price Lookup Table will auto set the price of the card based on the store price. So even the pricing is set automatically. Intelligent Retail is a UK multi channel EPoS solution provider specialising

in retail systems for independent retailers. Giftware Connect is a system specifi cally developed for the Greeting Card industry alongside leading retailers and suppliers. David Mackley, Managing Director at Intelligent Retail comments: “Greetings

card retailers have very specifi c issues with fast moving stock and need to stay on top of trends and stock availability to be successful. The team at RSVP have been instrumental in helping us deliver a system that has resulted in real improvements to the bottom line. We are thrilled to be shortlisted at the Retail Systems Awards in recognition of the benefi ts an independent retailer has derived from this integrated supply chain solution and it is exciting to be selected alongside the likes of Argos and Tesco.”

Exclusive 2012 calendar free for Fedrigoni clients

Fedrigoni have launched a limited edition 2012 Calendar showcasing the work of ‘Fashions most wanted’ photographers printed on luxurious paper. Creative Director Daniel Baer and Stylist of Mixt(e) Magazine, Joanna Schlenzka, have brought together a top line up of fashion photographers to produce the Style Calendar 2012.

The beautifully designed and packaged calendar is a new, large-format editorial publication full of arresting, conceptual imagery. The calendar’s theme is built around the concept of colour and plays with different characters of women using distinctive visual language. The calendar is published to the highest standards in print by Push and printed on Fedrigoni Old Mill Stucco, a special surface treated, felt mark paper which offers unparalleled print reproduction and Sirio Color Vino (Purple) endpapers. It is packaged in a custom-made Fedrigoni Brossulin XT 360g/m envelope, large-format, w:450 x h:700mm by Pendragon presentation packaging. Fedrigoni customers can order their complimentary copy by emailing


Unibox’s latest bespoke display unit system

Unibox, a leading designer and manufacturer of display systems for retail, exhibitions, interior design, museums and heritage, have launched a high-end counter island kiosk concept, developed specifi cally so that each unit can be designed and built to meet the unique requirements of individual retailers. Installed as a permanent

fi xture within a department store or in the aisles of shopping centres, its many customisable features make it a highly valuable platform for brand promotion as well as trading, and its sleek, designer look makes it the ideal display tool for adding value to merchandise. This new bespoke kiosk combines functionality with the elegant style of the contemporary, high-end retail market. It comprises UV-bonded printed and un- printed glass surfaces, producing an uninterrupted, refi ned, and high-class display area. It also utilises Unibox’s high security sliding door system as well as sister company, Lumenal’s, long lasting LED display lighting, which enhances the visual appeal of merchandise on display, ultimately improving its selling potential. Unibox’s latest kiosk design concept has been developed in response to the rising demand for exclusive point of sale displays. The company says that more and more retailers are beginning to realise the benefi ts of the individual look and unique branding opportunities offered by such a service. Their consultation-led design process allows designers to gain a full assessment and understanding of the retailers’ requirements and design an exclusive kiosk, with aspects pertaining to functionality, storage, merchandising, branding and security.

Unibox T: 0845 277 6000

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