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Danilo MD is king for a day

Breakfast show DJ Chris Evans has branded Danilo’s managing director Laurence Prince ‘the king of calendars’ on his Radio 2 show, following an interview about Sir Cliff Richard’s 2012 new ‘action man’ calendar. Radio 2 researchers became interested in Danilo, the leading

greeting card and calendar company, after seeing images of the new calendars and in the Daily Mail, and Sunday Mirror. In his interview with Chris Evans, Danilo Managing Director talked about his fi rst calendar signing with Elvis Presley, which was secured after handing over of a briefcase of cash to Colonel Parker, Elvis’s manager back in 1978. Talking about Sir Cliff, Prince said: “I’ve met him on many occasions, he’s an absolute gent, a

pleasure to work with.” Sir Cliff Richard came on air later in the show to give Evans the lowdown on producing his high octane new 2012 calendar – in which he poses as an F1 racer and surfer, ‘cowboy Cliff’ and even a wet t’shirt look for the cover which Sir Cliff said was his personal favourite. In terms of who takes the credit for the creative concepts for the poses and photo-shoots, both

Laurence Prince and Sir Cliff Richard praised each other for the ideas. Prince had said earlier that Sir Cliff had come up with many of the ideas himself. Whereas Sir Cliff said: “I get led by the nose a bit by these people, they have absolutely the right idea or everything we should be doing.” Jennie Hallsall, Danilo’s PR and marketing manager explained that when Danilo work with celebrities it is always a two-way process where good communication is essential and each working relationship is different. “There is nothing general about how we work with celebrities, it depends, depends, depends.” She said. “Some just want to deliver the fi nished artwork to us, or else they’ll send the photographs and our designers will do the layout work. Other times we will research the pictures and manage the whole shoot. “Either way, the clients always have the last say-so. They have to be happy with the fi nished

product.” “Cliff’s been doing these calendars with us for donkeys years, and he knows that a good clean calendar which offers something new and different will work for his fans.”

Wildlife publisher gets Royal approval

Wildlife artist and greeting card publisher Robert E Fuller met HRH Princess Anne at the House of Lords for a celebration of conservation efforts in South Georgia.

Mr Fuller, of publishing

fi rm The Robert Fuller Gallery, has long campaigned for the preservation of South Georgia’s unique bird colonies.

After visiting the Antarctic island in 2007, he raised more than £9,000 for Save the Albatross in an auction of his limited edition prints. A series of greeting card designs taken from paintings of penguins he developed after the visit remain among the Robert Fuller Gallery’s bestsellers. Hosted by Baroness Young of Old Scone, the event marked early success in a campaign by the South Georgia Heritage Trust to eradicate rats from the Antarctic island. An ambitious project, it aims to eliminate the entire rat population from South Georgia. Rats have had a devastating impact on ground nesting birds since they fi rst arrived on the ships of sealers and whalers in the 19th and 20th century. “I have followed the project with interest and so I was delighted when I was invited to celebrate its success,” said Mr Fuller.

“It was exciting to meet HRH Princess Anne too. She was very interested to learn that I am an artist.”


One man and his ironing board

Those who work in the greetings industry are no strangers to the fact that we are a charitable, caring bunch.

So surely

it’s no surprise to learn that Paul Roberts, Commercial Director at Emma Ball will be raising money for 3 charities over the

coming year with his sporting endeavours. The key event will be Marathon de Sables next April, a grueling footrace covering 155 miles in the Sahara desert over mountainous sand dunes. Competitors must carry all their own supplies apart from rationed water.

Given that his employer Emma Ball is home to gentile seaside greeting cards in colourful watercolour designs, it is perhaps surprising to know that one of their team is taking on one the most epic endurance events in the world. Paul said: “I’ve done some crazy events over the years but this is on a completely different level – especially as I’m not a natural runner.” Not only does he want to raise £10,000 for three charities, he has also decided that the race in itself is not enough, so he has given himself the added challenge of strapping an ironing board to his back while doing it. Company Director Emma Ball, said: “He talks about it as though it’s perfectly normal, why wouldn’t you run through the Sahara with an ironing board? I know he’s done a lot of mad stuff before but I’m seriously worried about this one, on the other hand hats off to anyone who can even consider this kind of torture!!” Paul’s inspiration for the challenge comes from time he spent in a children’s hospice. “I walked into St Richards Hospice and met Mark who at 9 was the same age as my daughter. We had a real laugh together while I constantly fought back the tears, knowing the same as Mark knew – his precious life that had always been blighted with pain had no more than a few months left. I said I’d see him when I got back from the desert but we both knew I wouldn’t, by that time he would be gone.

“This is why I’m asking people and companies to see what I’m attempting as a good reason to contribute a few pounds to some fantastic causes. My other two charities are Childline and a charity in Africa that offers surgery to disfi gured children in the hope of giving them a better life. “Our industry is such a generous and contentious one, I truly hope that I can reach my £10,000 target with the help of everyone I’ve met over the years” Sponsor Paul at Just Giving Paul-Roberts3

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