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member news. Vindon collects new partner

Vindon Cryobank has partnered with Pharmacells to pioneer a new medical process for collecting and storing stem cells from adults.

Known as the Oristem® stem cell bank, the new service is licensed

exclusively by Pharmacells in the UK. It has been developed through partnerships between Vindon, Pharmacells and Altrika, a cell therapeutics company.

Vindon’s state of the art Cryobank for the storage of human tissue and cells will provide secure storage and support to both Altrika and Oristem in this new and exciting field. Vindon’s involvement in the Oristem programme will ensure that samples received from clients are handled with the greatest of care and stored to the level required for use in future treatment.

offers a customised stem cell collection system that enables adults to be visited at home for blood samples to be taken. These samples are then developed into a personalised stem cell kit, which can be frozen and stored for future therapeutic use. It also represents a form of medical investment on the part of individuals who want to maximise their chances of recovery from future illnesses.

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Voted one of the most technologically significant new research products by R&D Magazine


Reinnervate, an innovative life sciences company driving the adoption of routine 3D cell culture, is delighted to announce that Alvetex®

, its breakthrough 3D

cell culture technology, is among the winners of the prestigious 49th Annual R&D 100 Awards.

Alvetex® is a unique and proprietary cell

culture scaffold that, for the first time, enables genuine 3D cell growth to be performed routinely and cost effectively in cell biology laboratories. Reinnervate launched its first product, the Alvetex®

12-well plate, in

Europe at the end of November 2010 and introduced 6-well and 12-well inserts and petri dish formats at the end of March 2011. The company intends to launch Alvetex® products in a range of other formats over the next 12 months, including 24, 48 and 96 well plates.

was chosen by an independent judging panel and the editors of R&D


Magazine to be among the 100 most technologically significant products introduced into the marketplace over the past year. The award will be presented to reinnervate at a special Gala Awards Banquet at the Renaissance Orlando Hotel at SeaWorld in Florida on 13 October 2011.

The editors were

impressed with the strong field of candidates for this year’s R&D 100 Awards

“The editors were impressed with the strong field of candidates for this year’s R&D 100 Awards. The number and quality of entrants far exceeded that of recent years,” said Rita Peters, editorial director of R&D Magazine.

Professor Stefan Przyborski, reinnervate’s Chief Scientific Officer and founder, commented: “We are extremely proud

that Alvetex® has been selected as one of

this year’s winners of the annual R&D 100 Awards. The team here at reinnervate and at Durham University have shown great dedication in bringing our game-changing Alvetex®

technology to market and this

award goes some way towards recognising their work. Here at reinnervate we continue to innovate and intend to launch further Alvetex®

products onto the market over the next 12 months, including a 96-well plate suitable for high-throughput drug screening.”

Since 1963, the R&D 100 Awards have identified revolutionary technologies newly introduced to the market, many of which have become household names. Winners are picked from industry sectors as diverse as telecommunications, high-energy physics, software, manufacturing, and biotechnology and represent a cross-section of industry, academia, private research firms and government labs.

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