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annual conference. Keynote Speaker Biogs:

David Haddow Operations Director, Altrika

Altrika’s key activity is a cell culturing service that delivers skin cells to patients in the UK with severe burns and chronic wounds, for whom few treatments are available.

Dr David Haddow was appointed Operations Director of Altrika in August 2009, just prior to a key asset acquisition.

He has 10 years commercial experience in the cell therapy sector. Prior to joining Altrika he headed up product development, technical manufacture and regulatory strategy functions for a UK based cell-therapy company, being responsible for two advanced therapy medicinal product launches in the UK. He currently has direct responsibility for strategic management of all aspects of clinical and commercial production, quality and R&D. David’s team recently successfully completed the first joint HTA/MHRA inspection in the human therapy sector.

Cathy Prescott

Founder and Director of Biolatris Ltd and UK Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Networks Chair

Cathy has over 20 years of experience in research, management and business within the lifescience and venture capital sectors. Cathy will present an open discussion on the topic ‘Who benefits, who pays? Who should finance the Regen Med sector?’ Cathy is a recognised opinion leader within the stem cell and regenerative medicine business sector.

Cathy is experienced in technology assessment, market positioning, business development, strategic planning, raising venture funds and private investment.

Angela Scott

Director of Operations – Cell Therapy Angel Biotechnology

Angela has a BSc in Life Sciences and over 29 years’ background in stem cell research and the application of cutting edge cell therapy.

Originally as part of the ground-breaking team that cloned ‘Dolly the sheep’, Angela has progressed to playing a major role at Angel in establishing its reputation as a centre of excellence in the field of cellular therapies. Angela has contributed to the transition of several cell therapy products from the bench to bedside.

David Williams Professor of Healthcare Engineering

Loughborough University

David was appointed Star Professor in Healthcare Engineering in 2003 and Director of the University’s Research School of Health and Life Sciences in September 2005. He leads both the £5.3m EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Regenerative Medicine and a £6.1m EPSRC Doctoral Training Centre in Regenerative Medicine. He has had a highly successful career in both academia and industry. Before returning to his second chair at Loughborough University he was Technical Director (Group Operations) of Bespak plc, a UK-based major global manufacturer and supplier of pharmaceutical and medical devices.

Regener8 would like to thank the event sponsors:

AMSBIO – Leading provider of biotools, kits and custom services for regenerative medicine.

Applikon – Develop & supply bioreactor systems for both research & production use.

Cambridge Bioscience Limited – Specialist distributor of life science research products.

CaridianBCT Europe – Global leader in blood component technology.

Cica Biomedical – Contract wound healing research company.

Intertek – Expertise in analysis & certification of regenerative medicine products.

Macopharma – Provide innovative solutions for each stage of the cell therapy process.

Merck Millipore – Provide technologies, tools & services for bioscience research & biopharma manufacturing.

Miltenyi – Expertise in the application of cell isolation & culture in cellular therapy.

Nano KTN – A network for companies in the nano & micro technology sectors.

Orla Protein Technologies – Supply products & services based on protein design, manufacture and use.

PAA Laboratories Ltd – Specialise in manufacturing & distributing culture cells for both academic and diagnostic clients.

Roche – World leading producers of reagents & life science research systems.

Roslin Cellab – Offer stem cell research services and co-development opportunities.

Sanyo – Supply & support lab equipment such as Laboratory Incubators & Plant Growth Chambers.


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