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future focus.

In order to be better able to address identified needs, members encouraged us to:

• explore opportunities to extend Regener8’s reach beyond the N8 region

• continue to have a main focus on translational activity in all areas of regenerative medicine but not to become another stem cell research centre

• facilitate targeted research and product development and seek to overcome the translation gap and barriers to reaching the market

• continue the Regener8 industry engagement programme but attract more end-users and larger companies into membership and attendance at meetings

• play a role in managing a process to facilitate the sharing of assets to maximise value to Regener8 members in the current difficult economic climate

• drive well-targeted research by opening up communication channels between the clinical community and the researchers/industry members.

Clinical members told us it was frustrating to see so many promising RegenMed therapies not making it into clinical practice. It was suggested that Regener8 could have a role in making the system less wasteful by providing advice on the most appropriate development pathways. Greater interaction between activities in the research/technology arena and their likely clinical application was encouraged. Here Regener8 could support clinicians and encourage them to champion particular clinical needs or developments.

During the next quarter of 2011, Regener8 will concentrate on translating a number of the above findings into a Delivery Plan for the period 2012-2015. We are able to look ahead to this phase through the extended partnership that Regener8 and the Innovation and Knowledge Centre in Regenerative Therapies and Devices (IKCRTD) have entered into.

This partnership will unite the extensive networks of commercial, academic and clinical partners operated by these two complementary centres. It will widen the platform of expertise to support the commercialisation of regenerative therapies and will facilitate access to world leading facilities by UK and global companies. Through N8, we will also work more closely with the Technology Strategy Board.

Other priorities will be:

• regular communications to members to clarify Regener8’s aims, achievements and offering;

• more effective expansion of activities outside the North of England so that the industry membership base is broadened;

• to develop an international strategy of engagement with world class translational centres;

• to explore the additional benefits that could be made available to members if a modest subscription was introduced;

• a more effective way of engaging clinicians in Regener8 meetings and activities. We are particularly keen to hold regular dialogues on unmet clinical needs – these would be most effective if researchers/industry members could be brought together with clinicians so that needs could be matched with the technologies that might be able to address those needs;

• improved engagement with large companies and multinational organisations which may currently have only a peripheral interest in regenerative medicine but which may be major players in the future.

Targets will include the increase in industry membership to 200 companies across the UK

Targets and measures for Regener8 have previously agreed with the N8 PVCs Group to cover the period April-December 2011. Progress against these is good. The Delivery Plan for 2012-2015 will set out key objectives, activities and deliverables. Targets will include the increase in industry membership to 200 companies across the UK, the establishment of five international partnerships and an agreed target for industry-linked Research and Innovation income to be generated during the period 2012-2015.

A first draft of the new delivery plan will be available from October 2011.


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