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regen. Welcome to regen.

Welcome to the second issue of regen, the magazine for Regener8 members which highlights the latest news on therapies, tools and technologies for translational regenerative medicine.

The aim of this magazine is to keep our members up to date with key sector developments, expert insights and initiatives that Regener8 has been engaged with over the past year as well as showcase some of the successful projects that we have supported with funding.

A lot has happened since our first edition of regen – we’ve set out a new future strategy for Regener8 as well as refreshed our brand identity, both of which are set out clearly in this edition.

In this issue, we gain an academic perspective on the adoption of cell therapies from an article written by Michael Whitaker and Lucy Foley of Newcastle University. David Haddow of Altrika gives us the industry perspective and focuses on going beyond the life sciences and scaling up production to meet global demand.

Zahid Latif of the Technology Strategy Board describes what the funding landscape looks like for the UK’s regenerative medicine sector whilst Ben Sykes of the UKNSCN explains the networking opportunities in stem cell science and regenerative medicine.

With new opportunities emerging overseas for UK regenerative medicine companies, we have introduced a new section which focuses on informing our members of what opportunities there are in China and India.

We have featured some really interesting updates from our members companies as well as showcase some case studies from projects that we have supported over the past couple of years.

Finally, we’d like to thank all sponsors of regen and the Annual Conference for their ongoing support and enthusiasm for Regener8.

Enjoy reading regen. The Team

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Regener8 – The next phase of development to deliver value for industry and society


Regener8’s Annual Conference 2011 P8

Member news P14

An academic perspective on the adoption of cell therapies


The funding landscape for regenerative medicine in the UK


UK Networking in stem cell science and regenerative medicine


Key Contact Details for Regener8 First floor

20 Lyddon Terrace Leeds LS2 9LA


Prof. John Fisher Academic Director e.

Dr Mike Raxworthy Operations Director e.

Rekha Parmar Secretary/PA to Regener8 Operations Director e.

Sarah Jackson N8 Director e.

Going beyond the life sciences – scaling up production to meet global demand


Samantha Davidson Marketing Manager e.

China and opportunities in RegenMed P30

Case study – regenerating tendons using electrospun fibrous scaffolds

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