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F E ATUR E Strength in security

With a proven increase in burglaries throughout the country, securing your home or business has never been more important. CTS has recently rebranded with a new look and tag line – ‘SECURITY IS OUR STRENGTH’, aptly depicted by an image of a bright orange rhino, and is on hand to provide all your security needs.

CTS offers a comprehensive security package for new and refurbished domestic and commercial buildings, by delivering optimum solutions, which are cost-effective and tailored to the demands of each project.

With a policy of constantly investing in research and the latest technological advancements, they are ensuring that services provided are innovative, comprehensive, and meet the needs of the clients.

The highly skilled team is on hand to advise on security solutions such as CCTV, intruder alarms and access control, so that you can leave your premises secure in the knowledge that it is protected and in very safe hands.

Cost is a huge factor in security and while many people fear it may be expensive, Joe Kennedy, Business Development Manager at CTS says they can work within budgets and are hugely competitive within the marketplace.

With an increase in burglaries in Waterford city of late, Mr Kennedy says it’s

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Do You Know how your mind

works? The people who know how their

minds work know: • Why they do what they do • What type of work style suits them • How best they learn

Psychometric solutions are used to develop people by gaining insight into how they work. This is a reliable and objective way of gaining self-awareness regarding one’s behaviours, working style and preferred learning methods. Pyschometric tests are tailored to suit a range of areas. Employers use various forms of psychometric tests as part of their selection procedure. These tests offer a much-needed element of objectivity, because they are not influenced by personal feelings or opinions when considering facts and also provide a reliable, valid source of data from which people decisions can be made.

Career Guidance & Career Change This report developed from the test will help you make satisfying decisions about your career and education. The report measures your interests rather than skills or abilities. Now is the perfect time, particularly for young people, to identify educational choices consistent with their interests. So whether you are just starting out in your career, making a career change or considering different education options you can benefit from the wealth of information reflected in your personal psychometric solution report.

Other useful reports which are available include; Personality Report, Team Report, Behavioural Style Report, Potential Report, Derailment Report, Sales/Influence Report and Development Report.

I use these tests also to provide information to employers giving them a reliable method by which to select the most suitable job applicant, candidate for promotion and candidates for development needs. On an individual level these tests are useful in highlighting areas needing development or in selecting a career change, which is consistent with that person’s interests.

Individuals who complete these tests gain increased self-awareness regarding their work style and behaviour patterns. This is a vital tool in career selection and more importantly career satisfaction.

With the aid of these independent objective assessments, clients can dramatically improve their decisions on hiring, promoting and developing members of staff in their organisation. These improved decisions result in both cost and timesavings, staff turnover will be reduced, performance improved and employee motivation increased.

Food for Thought in Career Guidance Realistic

Conventional Investigative Artistic Social


= = = = = =


Organiser Thinker Creator Helper


Want to learn more about psychometrics or any query can be gained from visiting my website mcgrathpsychometricsolutions. ie,e-mail me at or phone 086-8104331


imperative that home owners protect their property, as to be without an alarm could in fact end up costing you much more. Coming into the winter months, people tend to worry more about their elderly loved ones being along during the dark evenings. CTS also provides an independent living service, complete with panic buttons, fall detectors and all with the very latest technology. CTS is fully licensed by the private Security Authority (PSA) and offers nationwide security for both commercial and domestic buildings.

For more information, contact CTS on 051 567004 or go to

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