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by Elizabeth Harper

Set an Intention to receive inspiration from your Soul. Close your eyes and take a deep breath into the center of your being. When you are ready, open your eyes, select a color and open your heart to the message from your Soul.

Blue: Don’t give up! Even though you may think the uni- verse is conspiring against you, there is a bigger picture. Any day now, something will arrive, “out of the blue” catapulting you from this reality into a whole new way of being and it will be worth the wait.

Green: All around you nature is gracefully transforming and preparing for her next step. This change is a reflection of you and yet you are strug- gling with it. Make it easier on yourself. Take a leaf out of Mother Nature’s book - let go of the old, embrace the new and prepare for your next adventure.

Brown: You have trodden this path before; you have the t-shirt, mug and the faded old map to prove it. So what’s dif- ferent? YOU ARE! You’re not the same person now as you were then. You’re much wiser, more experienced and you know that when you intuitively feel it’s time to let go, it really is.

Magenta: You are hot baby! Everything is falling into place as if you planned it that way. Well you see, you did just that, you planned it! From now on your energy is on a roll, there is no stopping you except that is unless you want to stop. The universe is listening just ask for what you want.

Olive:Why do you fear being seen? Don’t you know your light is missed? Hiding in the shadows does not conceal your light; it only deepens the empty space where you once were. Come back into the light and you will realize there is nothing to fear and much to contribute.

Orange: Orange is for sssssnake energy - sexy, sensuous, sumptuous and saucy! In a nutshell, your Kundalini is rising, you have access to more internal wisdom than you ever had before and you are pleasur- ably aware of every orgasmic sense known to the hue-man form. Aren’t you glad you chose orange!

Navigating Life’s Transitions

Yellow:Not knowing is some- times a frustrating rite of pas- sage, so it will come as a relief when the clouds finally part and you can “see clearly.” What you see may not be exactly what you anticipated, but work with it. Yellow energy gives you the capacity to make it better than you could ever imagine.

Pink: You have been distrust- ful of your guidance yet your intuitions and feelings are right on target. Trust your inner GPS, it will steer you where you need to go. Doubt on the other hand trips you up. Your inner- tuition will always reveal which direction to take, the hard part is being in the driver’s seat.

Red: Connections and network- ing are a common theme for you over the coming months. The reason for all these contacts will become clear toward the end of the year. Until then, keep your schedule and purse organized,

and soak up the wealth of opportunities offered.

White: When you wash your hair you are cleansing yourself energetically as well as physically. So when I say it’s time to wash everything in your life then you will understand why, won’t you? Don’t read too much into this. It is all part of a natural cycle of cleanliness, which by the way happens to be next to Godliness.

Turquoise: Listen! Did you hear that? You didn’t? Well then, you’re not listening hard enough. Listen again. Did you hear it now? It’s the sound of the other shoe dropping. Yes, you know don’t you. You were just ignoring it. You have the privilege to refuse your own blossoming, what a shame!

Violet: Your spiritual path is key to your happiness, but it doesn’t have to make you insular. It is safe to come out of your cave every once in a while, mix with others, share experiences, and maybe even learn something new. You will be surprised at how painless and enjoyable it is to be part of the community.

Elizabeth Harper is an internationally acclaimed teacher, intuitive, healer and author of Wishing: How to Fulfill Your Heart’s Desires. 95

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