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There is so much going on this month that we ran out of room! We are highlighting chiropractic care this month, and there is so much terrific information on how it can help us stay fit, strong and healthy. I think of the spine as a river flowing through our bodies, with nerves as the offshoots of that river. When the river isn’t flowing well, things get sluggish and stagnant. I believe that chiropractic adjustments are a simple way to keep the “river flowing” and in working order. Speaking of rivers, we have some good

material on water: conservation, the global situation and how to reduce our water footprint (see page 16). My fondest memories of childhood revolve around water. My childhood home was off the main road, set back in a secluded, wooded area with a stream that ran by our house. Many nights I was lulled to sleep by the peaceful gurgling of the water flowing outside my bedroom window. The stream emptied into a lake down the street from our house, and that lake was where I learned to swim, ice skate, row boats and catch fish. I have vivid memories of catching bullfrogs with my neighbors and racing them down to the water to see whose would win. I still remember the sound of the bullfrogs’ chorus during those long summer evenings.

There is one specific day that I often remember. I was a young teenager and was at the lake alone as the sun went down. I waded into the water and stood still. On this day, I was the only one there, and the stillness of the lake was almost deafening as the sun sank on the horizon. At that moment, standing there, surrounded by the water that had nurtured me for so many years, I felt at one with all life, with the fish that swam carelessly by my legs and the birds that flew lazily over my head into the sunset. I felt the enormity and the simplicity of the universe at the same time. It was a moment that I believe launched me on my quest to study universal law and natural healing modalities.

During my studies, I stumbled on the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, who has spent many years studying the effects of human thoughts and emotions on water. He uses special photography that allows water crystals to be recorded while thoughts and emotions, both positive and negative, are sent to the water. The results are astounding. Considering that our Earth and our bodies are composed mostly of water, I found Dr. Emoto’s work to be a powerful tool that allowed me to see how potent our thoughts and emotions are on ourselves, on one another and on the Earth as a whole. Through his crystal studies and images, the mind- body connection became clear to me. I realized that with every thought and every action in every moment, I make a choice to create perfection or chaos inside and around me. I encourage you to look at Dr. Emoto’s work at For those of you who study and practice energy work, his studies can lend a new dimension into how thoughts and intentions crystallize into structures of healing within the human body and on the Earth.

Next month, we celebrate our first year of publishing here in Bergen and Passaic counties. Our magazine now reaches an estimated 45,000 readers through nearly 1,000 distribution sites. I feel like I am waiting to celebrate a childhood birthday all over again, and am reminded so sweetly that it is not the destination that is important, but the constant and ever-changing journey.

Jenifer West, Publisher New Jersey North

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