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Planet Waves October 2011

by Eric Francis

Aries (March 20-April 19) Pause and ask yourself what you’re trying to prove. There is little you can accom- plish by conquering anything or anyone, and plenty of damage you can do. While you seem to be past the emotional restric- tions and frustrations that dominated the summer, it would be unwise to overcom- pensate in the other direction. Therefore, tamp down competitive feelings and establish harmony with your environ-

ment. People around you will be eager to return the favor. If you push the limits, you’re likely to encounter a boundary of some kind; if that happens, revise your approach. You might experiment with things such as negotiation, using a more creative method (rather than confrontation) and understating rather than exaggerating.

Taurus (April 19-May 20)

You may be feeling out of your element, but be gentle with others when you feel inclined to blame them for your feel- ings. There is an easy solution. That’s the whole idea: there is a simple and direct approach to what may seem like a complicated or exaggerated emotional situation. Meanwhile, do what you can to keep your emotions in perspective. Ask yourself how important something really is before you make a big deal out of it. Don’t look for conflict where there is none to be found. If you look for the common ground you share with others, you’re likely to find it, and that is likely to lead to some rewarding, unexpected growth.

Gemini (May 20-June 21) If you have an intuitive feeling, follow it. It may be an idea Virgo (August 23-September 22) Are You Still Looking for Your Purpose?

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You know best what is good for your health; the key will be listening to yourself and following your own advice. We all know how diligently people ignore these things; don’t do that. Remember that the most important dimension of health involves your mind. Meanwhile, you may be in a relation- ship that is causing an unnecessary stir in your life. That’s something to watch as well. You have the potential for an extremely interesting journey in these years of your life. It can be something that nourishes you, keeps you young and serves to liberate you. But if something is demanding too much time, money or energy, ask yourself whether it’s worth it.

Libra (September 22-October 23) You’re likely to show up as the voice of reason and the Leo (July 22-August 23)

You may encounter a mental block when trying to solve a problem, and if so, take a more disciplined approach to your work. There is something to be said for applying yourself to a project, even several, every day. Many have discovered the benefits of discipline of turning creative energy into some- thing tangible and useful. Energy is one thing you have right now. Focusing your efforts in a way that may seem business- like or “un-artistic” will help create a new vision that will sustain you for years. That’s won’t happen automatically. You cannot catch lightning in a bottle, but you can definitely gather your thoughts and get yourself to a new level of cre- ative potential.

or a caution; if you think something is worth doing, it prob- ably is. If you have an uneasy feeling about something, take that under advisement. You may run into a situation where the decision you want to make ruffles someone’s feathers because it’s based on no special information other than what your own inner senses tell you. Then you’ll have to pause and determine whether you want to have the approval of someone for doing what is wrong for you, or whether you want to miss an opportunity that you know is right. You’ve been here before; you’ve already decided this one.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

This is an unusual time in your professional life. There are many open doors, and the world’s prevailing state of strangeness, confusion and chaos can work to your advantage. The one thing to be mindful of is false lack of confidence. There used to

be a concept called false confidence, but that seems to be the prevailing state of affairs on the planet. It’s also possible to lack faith in yourself when it’s the most obvious thing you should have. The only way to find out if you’re really capable of something is to see if you can do it. This includes taking concrete steps to improve your income. You have the talent, and the guts.

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