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by Noel Plasker, D.C. M

any of today’s athletes utilize the benefits of chiropractic care to assist in their week-to-week performance. But the real added benefit is that chiropractic care can help increase longevity in an athlete’s chosen sport. Keeping the spinal joints and nervous systems functioning at high levels tends to keep athletes on the field, on the bike and in the game longer, which makes for longer careers. More and more athletes are embracing the principles of chiro- practic as part of their lifestyle fit- ness, or fit“NESS”: nutrition, endur- ance, strength and structure. These four elements are the keys to help athletes reach and stay at their best. Chiropractic helps athletes of every age and level take care of their structure and, in addition, helps them elevate their nutrition, endur- ance and strength.

Dr. Noel Plasker, D.C., practices chiropractic care at the Family Wellness Center, 25 Sheridan Ave., in Ho-Ho-Kus. For more informa- tion, call 201-444-4408 or visit

Cheshire, Connecticut, believes that her expertise as a marathon runner helps to guard athlete clients from fatigue and stress that affect joints as a result of repetitive motions. “In any sport, there is a tendency to use one side, one joint or one movement more than others,” advises Galiette.

For example, cyclists and runners’ repetitive stress injuries most often oc- cur in the knees and back, while swim- mers and baseball pitchers experience them in the shoulders. When Galiette treats cyclists that overwork their leg muscles and lean forward in an awk- ward spinal position for extended

periods, she emphasizes strengthening exercises. “Injuries that heal properly are less susceptible to future flare-ups,” she notes.

“Anyone that pushes their body hard needs to be in proper alignment, to keep the muscular system bal- anced,” Galiette asserts. “Strengthening the muscles around body mechanisms that are most frequently used means that the integrity of the surrounding structures won’t be compromised and cause other problems.”

Linda Sechrist is a senior writer and editor for Natural Awakenings.


by Antonio Moreano B

ack pain. These two words bring a psychological dart of pain to the minds of those who are even slightly fa- miliar with the crippling discomfort and stress of back pain. Did you know that back pain is the second most common health complaint in our country? A large percentage of people over the age of 45 limit their lifestyles and activities due to back pain. Most people know about the common forms of treatment. But not everyone may be familiar with the positive results that can be achieved through Structural Integration (SI). SI is a systematic method of bodywork intended to lengthen con- nective tissue that has been constricted to revive the body from the effects of stress, trauma and physical restrictions. Through a series of sessions, using a combination of manual manipulation and guided movements, the connec- tive tissue tension is eased and length- ened. This assists the nervous system to release its chronic “charge.” Joints can then move with freedom and fluidity and the body regains its innate verti- cal alignment which, in turn, gives the body renewed abilities and healing. SI is effective because it addresses the entire individual. Treating the area directly is certainly important, but back pain is not seen as an isolated issue. The spine is vital to all of the body’s

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components and, therefore, the SI pro- cess is rendered to the whole body with a holistic approach.

Each session starts with a thorough assessment of the body, including the feet, as they provide essential infor- mation in regard to a person’s spinal structure. All the weight-bearing joints, knees, pelvis and neck must be in vertical alignment. For example, when the neck bends too far forward, the misaligned weight will add unnecessary pressure to the lower back. This issue is especially common for office workers, who spend long hours in front of com- puters. SI’s primary focus, therefore, is assessing the spine in relation to the entire body.

Many people who experience SI find it an effective approach to deal with back pain, restore mobility and return a feeling of lightness and ease. Like water, Structural Integration is vital to a person’s physical and mental well-being.

Antonio Moreano, Certified Struc- tural Integrator, is a member of the International Association of Structural Integration. He has been in practice since 1998, and currently practices at Advanced Medical Care Center, in Para- mus. For more info, call 201-410-6941 or visit See ad, page 3.

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