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September 30, 2011 Tek Talk With Eli Heath Of Paige Computer Services

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The summer is almost over and you have movies from your video camera you want to put on DVD, here are a few sugges- tions;

Computer Hardware, before you can make DVD’s on your com- puter you have to be sure it is up to the job. Your computer must have a fast processor an Intel Duo Core or AMD Athlon 2.8 GHZ, the faster the processor the less time it would take to render your project. Your com- puter should have at least 1 GB

or more of RAM (Random Access Memory) installed if not now is the time to upgrade. The hard drive must have room to store the movie file, I recom- mend installing a second hard drive to your computer just for making movies do not use the primary hard drive, keep in mind that every 1 minute of video it will take 20 mb of hard drive space on your computer, a 4 hour movie will take approxi- mately 8 GB of disk space not including the space needed to render the project to burn on DVD. You must have a way to transfer the movies to your com- puter to do the you must install a video capture card or is your video camera has a IEEE1394 or Firewire port installed a IEEE1394 card can be installed in your computer to make the video transfer easier. You can purchase a video transfer card such as ATI All in Wonder to download your movie from your camera to your computer. There are other companies such as Dazzle that sell capture cards that can connect to the USB ports on your computer, I don’t recommend these because a USB port is slower than a 1394 Firewire or installed capture card in your computer. Your video may then be out of synch with the sound, it would be like watching a foreign movie where their mouth would move and then you will get the voice after a couple seconds.

You must also have a DVD RW Drive installed in your comput- er; the prices have lowered over the past year with the introduc- tion of Blu-ray DVD’s. You may be able to purchase a DVD burner for your computer for about $55.00.

Ready to transfer ok your com- puter has all the hardware need- ed for the job, now what you need is a program that will allow you to edit and burn your movies. There are several good programs available. If you would just like to burn a DVD movie without much editing but still have the ability to add menu’s and chapters than I rec- ommend Ulead DVD Movie Factory 6.0 at You may purchase and down- load on line. Should you want more control on how your movie should look than I highly recommend Adobe Premier Elements 3.0 for around $80.00 you will be editing and enhanc- ing your movies like a profes- sional? Another program I rec- ommend Pinnacle Studio 11, this $100.00 program will allow you to have moving menus and create blue screen effects in your movies. All these programs will allow you to transfer you movie from your camera to the program where you can edit and burn your DVD’s.

You have your camera connect- ed to your computer and you are using Pinnacle Studio 11 for your movie editing, you click on the “Capture” tab in the pro- gram you see a graphic of a movie camera, on the graphic you click the play button your camera will start playing the movie, the program records the movie onto your computer hard drive, depending on the length of your movie this may take some time. After that movie has finished recording then record your second movie if you want to have them on one DVD. After



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you record your movies on the computer click on the “Edit” tab, there you import the frames from your movie and transfer them to the story board or time- line where you can add chap- ters, menus, and voice over, or video effects. After you have edited your movie the program will allow you to try your DVD before you burn it, make sure it is working the way you like before you make the DVD.

Ready to Burn everything looks good in your movie now you are ready to burn the DVD, first you must consider what make or model DVD player you will be playing this DVD on, why because there are two types of DVD’s, there is the DVD +R and the DVD -R, look in your DVD manual to see which DVD format is compatible with your player, if you have a new DVD player they are pretty much compatible with both formats. Once you decided the DVD for- mat you want to use, on Pinnacle Studio 11 click on “Make Movie” tab, depending on the speed of your computer processor, how much memory it has and how large your movie is this may take some time, around one to two hours for a movie that is 8 GB or 4 hours.

Other DVD Options if you do not own a computer and you would like to take the VHS tape and make a DVD movie from it you can purchase a DVD recorder that has a built in VHS

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tape player for around $300.00, nothing fancy about the record- ing just put the VHS tape in the player and a blank DVD in the drive and press copy. With this method you cannot edit or enhance your movie you are just copying for VHS to DVD, another downfall depending on the DVD recorder once you burn the DVD it can only be played back on that player you made the DVD from, so if you made a DVD for your family there is a chance they would not be able to watch it on their DVD players unless they have the same player that you made the DVD on. Some players may have RCA jacks where you can connect your video camera if it has the RCA jack output if not than you must go with using your computer to transfer, edit and burn your DVD’s.

This can become a hobby and takes time and patience to get your movies the way you like them. I hope this helps, any question please e-mail me at or call 603-747-2201.

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