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» SERVING: Lunch Dinner OPEN: Open 7 days. GO THERE FOR: Sizzler Special.

sphere inside and out, efficient service in a clean, relaxed environment where you can relax and enjoy the waterfront.

CityVu Bistro 61 East 7th Street, Holland. 616-796-2114 AMERICAN. Located atop CityFlats Hotel in downtown Holland, CityVu Bistro offers unique breakfast creations, an array of flat- bread dinners, and small plates. Full bar with extensive wine list and great views of Holland. Hours of operation change with the seasons.

OPEN: Open 7 days. GO THERE FOR: Flatbreads. » SERVING: Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Everyday People Cafe 11 Center St., Douglas. 269-857-4240 AMERICAN. REVUE Publisher Brian Edwards calls Everyday People Café his favorite restaurant along the lakeshore. The atmosphere is casual and upbeat, the staff knows its stuff about wine and food, and the seasonal menu is filled with meticulously pre- pared, eclectic comfort food like Butternut Squash Risotto, Braised Lamb Shank and Ahi Tuna. A great wine list and tremendous desserts.

7 days. GO THERE FOR: Gorgonzola Pork Chop, Greek Salad with Grandma Gigi’s Dressing (Edwards).

ingredients whenever possible. Also serves up live music on weekends.

days. GO THERE FOR: House made rustic cuisine. » SERVING: Lunch Dinner OPEN ON: Open 7

Saugatuck Brewing Company 2948 Blue Star Highway. 269-857-7222 BREWPUB. Enjoy a traditional Irish-style pub that features quality beer, wine, food and service. Try one of 12 unique brews that are served in the pub and bottled and distributed throughout the Midwest.

GO THERE FOR: The Beer and Scallop Marinara.

Ultimate Mac & Cheese at Food Dance

» SERVING: Lunch Dinner OPEN ON: 7 days.


Fricano’s Pizza Tavern 1400 Fulton Ave., Grand Haven. 616-842-8640 ITALIAN. Claims to be the first pizzeria in Michigan, but customers care less about its longevity than the amazingly crispy thin crust and simple ingredients atop its much-lauded pies. Four other locations around West MI, including Comstock Park, Muskegon, Holland and Kalamazoo.

OPEN ON: Open 7 days. GO THERE FOR: Pizza. » SERVING: Dinner

» SERVING: Breakfast Lunch OPEN ON: Closed on Sunday. GO THERE FOR: Salads, Soups, Creme Brulee.

Mia & Grace 1133 3rd St., Muskegon. 231-725-9500 AMERICAN. Calls itself a bakery and bistro, but that’s too limiting to describe the creativity of Mia & Grace’s menu. The farm-to-table eatery in downtown Muskegon is casual and comfortable and serves lots of one-of-a-kind items like the Pork Belly Reuben or the Duck PB&J (duck confit, carmelized onions, cashew-peanut butter, green pepper jelly, anadama bread).

Arcadia Brewing Co. 103 Michigan Ave., Battle Creek. 269-963-9520 BREWPUB. You’ll find some of the usual suspects on the Battle Creek brewpub’s menu, including wood-fired pizzas and some of the best barbecue in the region. But you’ll also find some delightful surprises – Osso Bucco in a brewpub?! – on the menu, courtesy of award-winning Chef Sean Kelly.

SERVING: Lunch Dinner OPEN ON: Open 7 days. GO THERE FOR: Handcrafted ales and barbecue.


Bell’s Eccentric Cafe 355 E. Kalamazoo Ave. 269-382-2332 BREWPUB. Eccentric Café’s regular menu of appetizers, sandwiches, sides and salads – plus the daily soups and specials – exists for a simple and important purpose: to complement the Kalamazoo microbrewery’s award-winning beers. Eat up while you drink up.

Open 7 days. GO THERE FOR: The Beer. » SERVING: Lunch Dinner OPEN ON:

Bravo! 5402 Portage Rd., Kalamazoo 269-344-7700 ITALIAN. Much-lauded restaurant has earned its stripes over past 23 years as one of the region’s best dining experiences, including a 3-star rating in the 2010 Forbes Travel Guide (formerly the Mobil Travel Guide). The Tuscan-inspired cuisine is spectacular, the atmosphere comfortable and intimate, and the service first-rate. Also brews its own beer in small batches for pairings with menu offerings.

SERVING: Lunch Dinner OPEN ON: Open 7 days. (Closed Sat. lunch) GO THERE FOR: A great dining experience.

New Holland Brewing Company 66 E. 8th St., Holland. 616-355-6422 BREWPUB. One of West Michigan’s premier microbreweries serves up better than average pub grub, including the Tarheel barbecue Pulled Pork, Grilled Portobello and The Treehugger, which is billed as “a vegetarian sandwich utopia.”

Lunch Dinner OPEN ON: Open 7 days. GO THERE FOR: Mad Hatter IPA, Dragon’s Milk.


Phil’s Bar & Grille 215 Butler St., Saugatuck. 269-857-1555 AMERICAN. This cozy (some would say “small”) bar and grille in downtown Saugatuck is one of those unassuming spots you might eas- ily overlook, though locals in Saugatuck will tell you about their love affair with Phil’s. Eclectic menu is all over the place, but in a good way, and the staff is super-friendly.

SERVING: Lunch Dinner OPEN ON: Open 7 days. GO THERE FOR: Portabella Mushroom Fries.


Salt of the Earth 114 East Main St., Fennville. 269-561-7258 AMERICAN. Salt of the Earth is a farm-to-table-inspired restaurant, bar, and bakery located in the heart of SW Michigan farm country in Fennville. Salt focuses on fresh, seasonal, and local


Food Dance 401 E. Michigan Ave., Kalamazoo. 269-382-1888 AMERICAN. An eclectic American menu that reflects ownership’s fixation on “finding honest-to-goodness fruits, vegetables, meat and eggs that come from the farm, not the factory.” Lots of unique choices, for breakfast (gingerbread pancakes), lunch (crab cake sandwich) and dinner (beer roasted chicken).

ON: Open 7 days. GO THERE FOR: Fresh Local Foods. » SERVING: Breakfast Lunch Dinner OPEN

Olde Peninsula 200 E. Michigan Ave., Kalamazoo 269-343-2739 BREWPUB. Downtown brewpub serves up the expected (e.g., steaks, ribs), the authentic (e.g., London Broil) and some pleasant surprises (e.g., extensive vegetarian offerings, Italian food). Offers a range of beers brewed on the premises and served on tap, plus a full bar. Check out the seasonal porters on tap right now, including the Vanilla Porter (5.5% ABV) and Stout Chocula (5.25% ABV).

Open 7 days. GO THERE FOR: Beer-B-Que Ribs, London Broil. » SERVING: Dinner OPEN ON:

TOP 5Mac & Cheese

THE GREEN WELL GASTRO PUB Patrick Wise’s Mac and Cheese should be consid- ered a 5-star experience. Crunch slowly through a bread crumb veneer giving way to popping-fresh peas and tomatoes. Savor corkscrew pasta swirling in a Cheddar, Swiss, cream and goat cheese medley. Relish mushrooms and caramelized onions amidst tender chicken, ham and bacon. 924 Cherry St. SE, Grand Rapids/ (616)808-3566/

FOOD DANCE Both the Standard Mac & Cheese and the Ultimate Mac & Cheese should replace those stale blue boxes hidden in your pantry since last century. The Standard Mac & Cheese begins with Grafton aged cheddar and cream, to which imported Tuscan macaroni is added and topped with bread crumbs and baked to greatness with an option to add chicken for a few dollars more. The Ultimate Mac & Cheese combines the aforementioned with bacon, spinach and caramelized onions in an aged cheddar sauce. 401 E. Michigan Ave., Kalamazoo/ (269)382-1888/

HOPCAT If you are one of those indecisive menu rubberneck- ers, you may want to show up 15 minutes earlier, for HopCat has devised a devious option for its Killer Mac & Cheese. The not-so-simple American cheese-based signature dish can be served as is or for $3 more, beckons diners to pick two extra fillings. Choose from marinated chicken, smoked bacon HopCat’s own sloppy Joseph or chorizo. Vegetables

include roasted red peppers, spinach, basil, herb tomatoes or jalapenos. Suggested is a combo of the chorizo and jalapenos for a spicy mac unparalleled in West Michigan.25 Ionia Ave. SW, Grand Rapids/ (616)451-4677/

WICK’S PARK Where many chefs seem to overload a mac ‘n’ cheese dish with a variety of garden veggies and meat options, Wick’s Park strips it down to a classy cheese blend with a single, lovingly pungent ingre- dient. The shaven black truffles in a mix of Gouda and white cheddar cheeses lend elegance to the Three Cheese Truffle Mac and Cheese. Technically a side plate and more than affordable at $5, this dish is perfectly suitable for a light lunch when coupled with a beer. 449 Water St., Saugatuck/ (269) 857-2888/

TWISTED ROOSTER Several mac ‘n’ cheese entrees linger on the menu here, especially the Lobster Mac and the Twisted Mac & Cheese. The former balances Maine Lobster and asparagus with Cavatappi noodles, Parmesan and cream cheeses, blended and crowned with a layer of baked cheddar bread crumbs. The latter takes the same pasta, asparagus and cheese blend with the addition of smoky house chicken, plump sweat peas and cherry tomatoes—hitting all four food groups in a twisted ecstasy of stomach love.

1600 E. Beltline Ave. NE, Grand Rapids/ (616)301- 8171/ —Matt Simpson Siegel

Union Cabaret & Grille 125 S. Burdick St., Kalamazoo. 269-384-6756 AMERICAN. A partnership with Western Michigan University, Union features eclectic food and cocktails, plus live jazz music performed by WMU faculty and students.

Dinner OPEN ON: Closed Sunday. GO THERE FOR: Portabella Fries, Bloody Maries with infused vodkas. n

» SERVING: Lunch

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