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THE STATE OF MAINE'S BOATING NEWSPAPER Volume 24 Issue 10 October 2011


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FRAID KNOT and TORNADO racing at Eastport during the 6th Annual Eastport Pirate Festival on 11 September.

EASTPORT – Last year I had made a trip to Baltimore, Maryland to do a lecture on the evolution of the Maine Lobster Boat and that precluded me from going to Eastport for their first lobster boat races, which was associated with the 5th

Annual Eastport Pirate Festival. They billed it as an international event and invited the Canadian boats to come over. Unfortunately, none did and there were not many racers from Eastport and to the west’ard that took part. However, those that did attend had a great time. This year I offered my assistance and down I went. When it was all over I am sorry I missed last year’s event. The Pirate Festival is scheduled for 9-11 September, but really starts a week earlier when the pirates of Eastport invade Lubec. During the week there are a number of events going on. On Friday, 9 September, the Festi- val begins in earnest. There was pirate music, a fitness party, a beer pong tournament, street dance and a Jack Sparrow look-alike contest. Saturday began with a recovery breakfast, a 5k run, a treasure hunt, pirate photo session, parade, dances, bed race, plenty of vendors and ended with fireworks over the harbor. Sunday opened with another recovery breakfast, antique car and motor- cycle show, boat parade, lobster boat races, crates races, lots of music and dancing. I arrived at Eastport mid-afternoon on Saturday and saw Galen Alley’s FOOLISH PLEASURE on a side road. I followed him to Ross Furman’s house, where he was going to

spend the night. I also got to talk to his engine builder, who said that the old engine was too far gone to salvage. The only bearings on the crankshaft any good were the ones one either end. He put together a new aluminum block and got it into the boat just in time for these races. He said that she was putting out ap- proximately 2,000 hp so would she be able better her record of 72.8 mph?

I could not get a room in Eastport so I headed for Calais. Early the next morning I headed back to Eastport and helped with sign ups. It was going slow, but just like other races, entrants came the last minute. We had boats from Eastport, Cutler and Jonesport, but unfortunately none from Canada. Of course the one that attracted the most atten- tion was FOOLISH PLEASURE, people just had to see and photograph that engine. Before the races started all the boats got together just south of the harbor and got in line for the boat parade. The boats made their way up to the docks and were cheered by the hundreds of spectators.

There were 14 races scheduled, but there were no entrants in the first six races (Junior Skippers Division (Age 18 and Under), Up to 25 hp (Must be with an Adult); Working Boat Outboard/Stern Drive Division, Power and Size Open; Recreational Outboard & Stern Drive Division, 125-hp and under; Recre- ational Outboard & Stern Drive Division, 126- hp and over; and Working Lobster Boat Inboard Division, Gas powered under 375 cid.

A view up the pier at vendors and spectators in downtown Eastport on 11 September.

There was only one entrant in Race 6, Working Lobster Boat Inboard Division, Gas powered over 376 cid, Galen Alley’s FOOL- ISH PLEASURE. Alley made his run, but made sure he put on a show running as close as he could to the commercial pier. His GPS said his speed was 77.2 mph.

There was one boat in Race 7, Working Lobster Boat Inboard Division, Diesel pow- ered under 250 hp.. Chad Libby’s MYRTLE BELLE, won and was clocked at 21.6 mph. Nine boats were on the line for Race 8, Working Lobster Boat Inboard Division, Die- sel powered 251 to 500-hp. The winner was

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LeBaron Libby, Jr.’s GRAMP’S LEGACY with a speed of 30.0 mph. He was followed over by Brent Davis, Jr.’s HEE HAW; Harris Norton’s FATHER’S FAVORITE; Skip Har- ris’ VONNIE & VAL; Oscar Beal’s PAPA’S PRIDE; Trevor Jessiman’s MISS BEHAVIN’; Brent Griffin’s DOUBLE TROUBLE 2; Butch Harris’ NORTHWIND; and Butch Harris’ LADY H.

In Race 9, Working Lobster Boat In- board Division, Diesel powered over 501 hp, four boats were entered. The winner of this

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