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horse courses part of farm and ranch show TEXAS HORSE INDUSTRY’S INFORMATIONAL SOURCE SINCE 1996

Volume Sixteen - Issue Two October 2011

November show offers hands-on education programs about horses, with Dr. Clay Stubbs, Dr. Robert Ball and Horseman Dan Keen


The San Antonio International Farm and Ranch Show from Nov. 12-14 will offer more than

25 educational opportunities, including hands-on programs relating to horses, cattle, sheep and goats.

“This will

be the first year we will offer the San Anto- nio Interna- tional Farm & Ranch Equine

Expo,” said Lyle Larson, one of the show’s founders. “We will be offering both educational and entertaining opportunities for equestrians throughout the day on Nov. 12.” Larson said previous

shows have included hands- on demonstrations, but that this year’s show will have additional live educational op- portunities focused on livestock management. “The equine pro-

Above: Dr. Robert Ball (Photo: Robbin Cresswell)

Right: Horseman Dan Keen Above Right: Dr. Clay Stubbs

grams will be a great opportunity for new horse owners to glean important information about horse care and training, said J.D. Fol- bre, Texas AgriLife Ex- tension Service agent for agriculture and natu- ral resources in Karnes County. “All those pro- grams are hands-on and use live animals in the

demonstrations, so this will be a lot different than regular classroom instruction.” Equine programs on

Nov. 12 will begin at 9 a.m. with “Straight from the Horse’s Mouth,” a comprehensive educational program on equine dentistry presented by Dr. Clay Stubbs, DVM. Stubbs, a Texas

A&M University graduate, operates the Stubbs Equine Dental Clinic in Johnson City, which specializes in equine dentistry. Since 1966, he has built and managed five veteri- nary practices, and has exper- tise in equine sedation, restraint and pain management, as well as dentistry. He has researched and developed instruments and systems for equine dentistry, and through Stubbs Equine Innovations, Inc., develops, builds, and markets equine restraint and power dental

equipment. At 10

a.m., Dr. Kelsey Sapp, DVM will present “No Hoof, No Horse,” a pro- gram on the im- portance of main- taining the proper horse hoof angle. Sapp is a graduate of Kansas State University Col- lege of Veterinary Medicine, and an associate at Bracken Equine Clinic of San Antonio. She and has expertise in internal medicine, neonatology and musculoskeletal disorders in animals.

That afternoon, well-

known horse trainer Dan Keen will present two equine pro- grams. The first, “Dan Keen’s Equine Extravaganza #1” be- gins at 1 p.m. and focuses

on Keen’s method of horse training, known as ‘Wenglish’ -- a combination of best horse training practices of Western and English horses. The sec- ond, “Dan Keen’s Equine Ex- travaganza #2,” begins at 4:30 p.m. and addresses additional horse training and control after a proper foundation has been established.

(Continued on Page 18) Home of the original 30-day guarantee.

“Rojo Grande” is a 13 year old 15.1 Hd sorrel ranch gelding. This horse comes from the South Texas ranching area and is used to good, long days of riding. He has been used for all kinds of ranch work for all of his life. He rides real quiet with a loose rein and is gentle enough for the most beginner rider and definitely well trained and broke enough to be en- joyed by all experienced riders. He has no bad habits and is easy to catch, load, shoe, saddle, and mount. He does not spook or shy at anything, when you are riding him in the pastures or in the pens. He will go wherever you ask him, when you ask him. He will not get fresh or frisky or want to buck when turned out for long periods of time. This horse will be an excellent asset to any family, stable, or ranch.

“Amarilla” is a 12 year old 15 Hd beautiful palomino ranch gelding. This horse comes from the South Texas ranching area and is about as good an all around horse as you will ever find. This horse definitely is quiet and gentle enough for the beginner riders and well trained and broke enough to be an absolute pleasure for the most experienced of riders. He does not spook or shy when ridden in crowds, in the pen, or in the pastures. He goes willingly anywhere you ask him, anytime you ask him. He definitely does not get fresh or frisky or want to buck if turned out for long periods of time. This is probably the safest, gen- tlest, good riding horses at this ranch. A horse like this with this color, conformation, and disposition is very hard to find. He is a dark skinned palomino( which means he will not scratch easily) and he has good hard feet(they are not black, nor are they white), and good heavy bone. He has absolutely no bad habits and is very easy to catch, load, shoe, saddle, and mount. If you are looking for a real good all around keeper; for you or your family, don’t pass him up. This horse will be a definite asset to any family, stable, or ranch.

“Champ” is an 8 year old 15.2 Hd gorgeous APHA reg- istered paint gelding. This is a very nice, well seasoned, all around kind of horse that comes from the South Texas ranching area. Among other things, this horse has been used on several long distance trail rides. He is used to crowds, and can be ridden and enjoyed by anyone from beginners to the best of experienced riders. He has a nice, quiet walk, and one of the smoothest trots you have ever ridden. He has a short lope that would be appreciated by anyone. He turns, stops, and backs up very easy and smooth. This is a well trained, well behaved horse with no bad habits, and is easy to catch, load, shoe, saddle, and mount, and does not spook or shy at anything while riding the trails in the pasture. He does not get fresh or frisky or want to buck if turned out. I think this is a special horse that deserves an exceptionally special home.

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