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2011 Commander’s Leadership Awards

This award recognizes AFSOC’s outstanding performers from any AFSC/career field who have made the most significant contributions to mission accomplishment as determined by their respective commander. Their outstanding accomplishments make them truly deserving of this prestigious recognition.

The Air Commando Association is proud to sponsor these annual awards. Presentation is at the annual reunion banquet.

Captain Michael H. Baird distinguished himself as Flight Commander and Evaluator Pilot, 34th Special Operations Squadron, 1st Special Operations Group. While deployed to Afghanistan and Africa, he commanded 102 combat missions and accumulated 541 combat hours. As Mission Commander during three separate deployments, Captain Baird led 85 personnel through 722 combat sorties and 3,943 combat hours, directly resulting in the capture of 120 high-value enemy personnel and the death of 197 enemy combatants.

Technical Sergeant Christopher R. Bowser distinguished himself as Special Tactics Squadron Element Leader. While deployed to Iraq, he masterfully integrated and controlled more than 185 aircraft in support of 20 direct action raids that led to the capture of 15 high-level al Qaeda operatives.

Staff Sergeant Robert W. Calhoun distinguished himself as Military Working Dog Handler, 1st Special Operations Security Forces Squadron. While deployed to Iraq, Sergeant Calhoun and his dog Rony accumulated more than 1,000 hours outside the wire searching and clearing more than 2,000 miles of dangerous convoy routes laced with explosive pressure plates and roadside bombs. In all, they discovered and neutralized over 200 improvised explosive devices planted along the roadsides.

Technical Sergeant Clint T. Campbell was attached to a US Army Special Forces Team as the primary Joint Terminal Attack Controller conducting combat operations in Kandahar Province. Following a helicopter assault, his team began clearing their objective while engaged by the enemy for 10.5 hours. As friendly casualties started mounting, he moved into the kill zone and called in close air support within danger close proximity to friendly forces to neutralize the enemy. His bravery and aggressiveness resulted in the successful extraction of 3 wounded, the breaking of a merciless ambush and the killing of 20 enemy fighters.


1st Lieutenant Jared B. Davis distinguished himself as a Flight Systems Officer, 193d Special Operations Squadron. Since receiving his initial Flight Systems Officer qualification in October 2010, Lieutenant Davis’ extraordinary efforts included flying more than 450 hours, including 24 combat sorties and 181 combat hours in support of OPERATION UNIFIED PROTECTOR in the EC 130J model aircraft.

First Lieutenant Susan C. Frank distinguished herself by exceptionally meritorious achievement as J4 Deputy Director, Combined Joint Special Operations Air Component, Combined Forces Special Operations Component Command, in support of Operations ENDURING FREEDOM, IRAQI FREEDOM, and NEW DAWN. She superbly managed movement to forward locations for 2,000 special operations personnel, thus enabling capture of 1,800 detainees and killing of 475 insurgents.

Staff Sergeant Jay D. Galea distinguished himself as an Instructor Sensor Operator and Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge of Weapons and Tactics, 33d Special Operations Squadron. Sergeant Galea flew over 90 combat missions and collected more than 194 hours of full motion video. The actionable intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance he provided enabled the kill or capture of 101 Joint Task Force targets.

Captain Phillip M. George distinguished himself as a Special Operations Air Liaison Officer, 17th Air Support Operations Squadron, Fort Benning Georgia. Captain George expertly led his flight of nine highly-skilled joint terminal attack controllers through two combat deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq. During this time, his men supported seven joint task forces where they executed over 150 direct action missions resulting in 199 enemy killed in action and 428 enemy captured. Captain George was selected as the U.S. Air Force ALO of the Year for 2010.

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