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Brown, Bert Woods (a choreog- rapher), James Foster, Eddie Cole, Wanda Fuller and Damita Jo Freeman had formed a dance group called Something Special while all of you were still dancing on Soul Train .You got a chance to travel on the road with some big name stars. How did this happen?

Patricia Davis: We had a man- ager, Daniel Ben Av, who knew the manager of Tom Jones, and so we traveled and per- formed as part of Tom Jones act in New York and other plac- es.

Soul Train: It was during this time that you and the other members of Something Special left Soul Train. Was it hard for you to leave Soul Train?

Patricia Davis: No not really because by that time we were traveling so much. I told Don Cornelius we were travelling a lot and Dick Griffey even told him also. So Don understood. In fact, Dick wanted me to be in the group he was forming called Shalamar but I had com- mitments with Something Spe- cial. So that’s when Jody Watley became a part of that group.

Soul Train: Tell me about your days of being a part of Some- thing Special?

Patricia Davis: We travelled all over the world! We had the op- portunity to perform with Tom Jones, Natalie Cole, Rufus & Chaka Khan, the Pointer Sis- ters and others. We sang and would do various dance rou- tines. I remember one time when we were at a club with a popular group we were working with and one of its members had a bad drug problem. Peo-

ple thought I looked like one of this group’s members so a guy handed me a joint thinking I was the member of that popu- lar group.

Soul Train: During that time you also had the opportunity to appear in a movie called “Disco


Patricia Davis: I got a call that the producers of the film wanted me to do a scene in this film in which I would jump out of a cake and do a dance routine to Johnnie Taylor’s “Disco Lady.” So I agreed and I did the routine. It was a lot of fun doing that.

ria. I said yes. Now James was a breakdancer, but he didn’t sing. Perry could sing but he wasn’t a breakdancer. If James could sing, he would’ve been my first choice. I had told Eddie about this opportunity and he was excited about it. I told him he would be based in Vienna, Austria for a while and I gave him Catherine’s number so they could talk. About five hours later, Catherine called again and asked if I was inter- ested in doing choreography for the background dancers of a singer named Bilgarie. I was very interested and said yes, but she told me I would have to leave the next day. So that was the beginning of it.

Soul Train: You and Eddie were even a singing duet at one time, right?

Patricia Davis: Yes. We were a duet who called ourselves Essence. We were a duo for a long, long time.

Soul Train: What are you cur- rently doing these days?

Soul Train: Why did Some- thing Special break up?

Patricia Davis: One of the members of the group had an alcohol problem and was miss- ing shows. Also, some of the members were fighting a lot. So Something Special dis- banded after that.

Soul Train: When did you de- cide to move to Austria?

Patricia Davis: In the early eighties, a lady named Cather- ine Miller called me and said there is a promoter in Austria who wants a male breakdancer who can sing and asked if she knew anybody who fit that crite-

Patricia Davis: On June 12, 2007 I got married to Karl Bachmayer, a doctor, who is a wonderful and great husband. I also sing with a gospel group, I dance and I teach dance class- es. I also had released some CDs. My first CD was Mamare- na. My second CD was Choose Your Future.

Soul Train: You have a special message to young women you would like to share, right?

Patricia Davis: Absolutely. Women need to get back to pure beauty and class. We as women need to get back to that and get away from T & A. Be beautiful and sexy, but have

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